3 ways to use Machine Vision for Pharmaceuticals

November 01, 2019

From traceability compliance to patient safety, quality is core to the success of pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers. With Samsara Machine Vision, pharmaceutical manufacturers can improve quality and efficiency across their production lines with full visibility. We explore how Machine Vision can apply to common use cases within the pharmaceutical industry below.

Assembly & Quality Verification

Machine Vision can confirm all products are assembled to specifications with no missing pieces or quality issues. From broken bottle seals to missing catheter tips, Machine Vision can be quickly and easily configured to identify assembly and quality errors for your use case. This includes more nuanced validation requirements such as:

  • Presence: Is the cap present on my catheter tip?

  • Angle: Is this syringe needle straight?

  • Defects: Is the plastic seal on my bottle cap broken?

  • Color: Are these pills the right shade of red?

Expiration Date & Lot Code Reading

Machine Vision enables you to read and verify the correct best-by and expiration dates are printed on all containers, packaging, and leaflets. With built-in traceability features, Machine Vision enables you to verify and record lot codes directly in the dashboard. Whether you’re on-site or on the go, our dashboard allows you to identify which products were inspected, when they were inspected, and whether they passed the inspection.

Pill Count

With the ability to identify custom shapes, Machine Vision helps ensure that blister packs and other containers are correctly assembled with the right number of pills. Additional built-in inspection tools enable users to check pill colors and validate that each pill is fully intact with no breaks or cracks.

As pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers must meet stringent requirements set by federal regulators, the ability to quickly and easily ensure production quality means avoiding costly recalls and regulation breaches. With a central dashboard offering built-in traceability, quality specialists can instantly review production quality metrics and reduce blind spots without being on-site. Additionally, always-on cameras and easily configurable inspections reduce manual QA costs and enable seamless changeovers, no matter how many products you need to inspect. Samsara Machine Vision ensures that quality scales with your business. 

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