All New Multi-Camera Systems for 360° Fleet Visibility

All New Multi-Camera Systems for 360° Fleet Visibility

December 10, 2018

Samsara’s camera offering is expanding! We’re adding side, rear, and interior cameras to our existing dash cam offering for complete 360° video visibility into every vehicle.


The all-new Samsara Multi-Camera System lets you connect up to 8 HD cameras in a single vehicle, so that you never miss a thing. These cameras make it possible to:

  • Quickly investigate incidents, including hard-to-see sideswiping incidents and disputes between passengers
  • Enhance safety and security with continuous HD video monitoring and remote video retrieval
  • Reduce liability with downloadable footage that can be used to defend against false claims

HD video is always accessible in the cloud

Like Samsara Dash Cams, our multi-camera systems are internet-connected with 1080p HD resolution, so that video is always high quality and instantly available in the cloud. This eliminates the need for manual SD card retrieval and provides the footage you need, instantly at your fingertips.

Exterior cameras mitigate liability & blind spots

When driving incidents involve changing lanes, turning, or reversing, blind spots make it hard for drivers to see all of the moving pieces at once. This can lead to accusations blaming commercial drivers for sideswiping accidents or property damage and no easy way to defend them. Fortunately, exterior cameras can capture the full story. Cameras mounted on the outside of vehicles can record every angle around a vehicle for complete 360° visibility. Footage can be quickly downloaded and shared with police or insurance to defend innocent drivers and reduce false claim payouts.

school bus multicam

Added benefits for K-12 schools: Identify stop-arm violations to enhance student safety

Additionally, school districts can monitor stop-arm violations to enhance student safety. Despite protective laws, students are killed getting on and off school buses every year. Fortunately, side cameras capture the license plate numbers of stop-arm offenders, so that they can be caught and fined by police. As more offenders are held accountable, students become safer.

Interior cameras keep passengers & drivers safe

Interior cameras record continuous HD surveillance footage within vehicles to increase passenger and driver safety. Fleets carrying passengers will find it easier to detect bullying and vandalism, monitor between high seats, resolve disputes, and ensure safe custody exchange.

Customizable to fit your fleet

No two fleets are the same, which is why we designed our multi-camera solution to be completely customizable. Mix and match cameras to get the visibility you need. Reach out to our team to discover the combination that is right for you.

Add a multi-camera system to your fleet today

All fleets can benefit from the increased visibility, safety, and security that a multi-camera system provides. Whether you have a history of sideswiping incidents, hope to generate stop-arm revenue, or want visibility into what’s happening within your vehicle, we have a solution that works for you. Reach out now for a demo or free trial.

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