Celebrating 20,000 Samsara Customers

December 17, 2020

Throughout this year, Samsara customers have stepped up to keep our communities safe and our economy running. And many have turned to technology to transform their business to meet their evolving needs. 

At Samsara, we believe it is our role to provide customers with the solutions needed to improve the safety, efficiency, and sustainability of their operations. Every decision we make, we make with our customers in mind—it’s a core part of our culture.

That’s why we are so proud to share a new milestone: 20,000 businesses have chosen Samsara as their operational partner. Just over a year ago, we celebrated our first 10,000 customers. Since then, we have welcomed customers like Carter Logistics in transportation and logistics, MacAllister in construction, and the City of Sacramento in government. Plus, we’ve partnered with companies like Volvo, Nationwide, and Navistar on various integrations. 

We are incredibly thankful for each and every one of our customers, and want to take a moment to express our gratitude and our ongoing commitment to your success.

Partnerships that drive innovation

While we pride ourselves on our technology, it is our customers who are the true experts. That’s why we closely partner with them to drive ongoing innovation, listening to feedback and launching hundreds of new features each year. 

Read on for a few examples of how the ingenuity and expertise of our customers has inspired solutions that improve safety, efficiency, and sustainability for operations around the world.

  1. Improving driver efficiency with driver input: ArcBest® is a leader in supply chain logistics and the 14th largest for-hire fleet in the United States. Recently, they partnered with the Samsara Mobile Product team to host a driver-focused workshop. Takeaways from the workshop informed the newest version of the Driver App that will allow for more integrations. “We ultimately chose Samsara as our telematics vendor because they rose to the occasion,” said Lee Easley, Director of IT Solutions at ArcBest Technologies. “We were looking for a partner we could grow with, and Samsara showed us that they could innovate with us for the long-term.”

  2. Prioritizing safety with input from first-responders: With over 1,300 employees, SeniorCare EMS is the largest commercial ambulance provider in New York City. As a frequent early adopter of our new safety features, our product team listens carefully to their feedback. For example, SeniorCare EMS offered some suggestions for improving Samsara’s Video Retrieval feature. In just a few weeks, they saw those changes live in their own dashboard. “It’s just so great to see that when we make a suggestion, we see it implemented. It’s just tremendous,” said Robert Ackerman, Safety Director at SeniorCare EMS. “It’s such a good feeling to work with a company that we’re really partners with, not just a customer.”

  3. Empowering sustainability with data: The City of Boston’s Public Works Department oversees nearly 700,000 residents and 23 neighborhoods with their fleet of 400 heavy- and light-duty vehicles. The City set an ambitious goal to reduce their environmental impact by targeting full fleet electrification by the year 2030. They leveraged Samsara data—average miles driven and energy use—to identify which of their vehicles would be good candidates to transition to electric. Samsara’s data helped inform their electrification and EV infrastructure strategy, and empowered the City to make progress towards their goals. 

A thank you to our customers

As we head into the new year, one thing is certain: the world will continue to rely on the goods our customers deliver and the services they provide. And, just as our customers power our economy, we commit to developing new products and innovations to power their operations. 

Thank you to every customer who has joined us on this journey so far. We look forward to continuing our support and partnership with you in the coming year and on the road ahead.

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