Introducing the Next Generation EM-Series Sensors

December 12, 2016

Since their introduction last year, customers have deployed Samsara’s wireless, Internet-connected sensors across thousands of refrigerated trucks, warehouses, labs, and industrial facilities. Every day, our customers rely on EM-series environmental monitors to ensure the quality of their products, prevent foodborne illnesses, maintain compliance records, and increase visibility into their supply chains.

Today we are thrilled to announce the next-generation EM sensors, the EM21 and EM22. These new models combine precise, continuous data capture and real-time wireless connectivity with an always-on LCD display - all housed in a ruggedized and waterproof design and powered by a single AA battery that lasts over three years!

Advanced Engineering that "Simply Works"

Samsara’s engineers designed the new EMs based on their experience deploying thousands of sensors into transportation, food production, biotech, and warehousing environments. The result is a product that uses advanced electronics and mechanical designs to “simply work” in real-world operations.

Ruggedized and waterproof: IP67-rated for water and dust, the EMs are designed for refrigerated trailers and food production facilities subject to frequent splashes, spray, and power-washing. The impact-resistant enclosure protects the display and electronics in harsh or high-traffic areas.

60-second installation: The EMs are designed to be easily deployed by the hundreds. The mount plate installs in seconds with a pair of self-tapping screws, zip-ties, or VHB tape. The sensor snaps onto the mount plate instantly, and a security screw is included to keep it safe.

Precise, continuous sensing: EMs include precise (±0.3° C), factory-calibrated thermistor sensors. The EM21 features ambient temperature and relative humidity sensors, while the EM22 includes a food-grade external probe operating from -55° to 100° C. Sensor readings are taken every four seconds, providing fine-grained visibility and reporting.

Data logging: When wireless connectivity is not available, EMs will log over two months of sensor data to their internal storage. Unlike traditional USB-based data loggers, the EMs automatically upload their logged data when they come in range of a gateway, with no manual actions required.

Always-on LCD display: With a quick glance, drivers and field staff can quickly verify that refrigerators are working properly, trailers are adequately pre-cooled, or that prepared food is at a safe serving temperature.

3+ year battery life: The EMs run with full functionality - including continuous sensing and real-time wireless - for between three and five years on a single, user-replaceable AA battery. Check out our CEO’s blog post on the decades of engineering behind this small engineering miracle.

Real-time, Internet-Connected Sensors

While the new EMs are remarkable pieces of hardware, their real power lies in the data that they capture and wirelessly transmit into the Samsara Cloud. When an EM is within wireless range of a Samsara cellular gateway, it automatically streams real-time sensor readings to the cloud, where live and historical data can be seen from any web browser or mobile device. By aggregating data from any number of sensors, anywhere in the world, the Samsara Cloud enables operators to:

  • Monitor quality, verifying that goods are at the right temperature at the right time

  • Receive real-time alerts before a product spoils, so corrective action can be taken

  • Generate compliance reports without manual data entry

  • Provide supply chain visibility to key customers and business partners

New Features, Higher Performance, Same Price

The EM21EM22 add a host of new features to the previous generation EMs: IP67 waterproofing, an LCD display, smart mount-plate, longer battery life, and better wireless range, yet are offered at the same price as their predecessors. The new EMs are shipping to customers immediately - get in touch to request a free trial or check our gps fleet tracking solution.

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