New Tools for Faster Production Decisions

January 31, 2020

Speed is a critical factor in any production process, whether it involves increasing efficiency in handling changeovers or catching and resolving issues as quickly as possible. Having the right data and tools to react instantly to production changes allows businesses to save money by avoiding costly re-work and scrap. To help our customers get the data they need and make decisions faster, we’re introducing several updates aimed to improve your time to value: Alerts, Variables, and a redesigned cloud UI. 

Improving Time to Resolution with Alerts

We’re excited to announce a new Alerts feature for Machine Vision. Alerts can notify you of any issues in your quality inspection process and help improve time to resolution by providing you real-time awareness. A range of customization options enable you to tailor each alert to your specific use cases and business processes. 

Alerts provide you with even more remote monitoring capabilities as part of the Samsara platform. Whereas you previously needed to actively check your dashboard or be standing next to your production line to be aware of live production issues, alerts allow you to receive real-time feedback on downtime and errors regardless of your physical location. Select the bell icon on any dashboard page to begin configuring alerts for your inspections.

Achieving Faster Batch Changeovers 

Machine Vision now offers Variables as a new feature, allowing you to handle changeovers across production lines much more quickly. Previously, updating an inspection such as lot code during a changeover required navigating into the cloud dashboard, finding the right program, saving a new lot code, navigating back to your HMI screen, and starting a new run. By creating and defining variables such as lot codes or product counts, you can now set up the system to automatically update what it's looking for without needing to edit your inspection programs, thus saving you time as your production batches change. 

As an example, let’s say I need to read lot codes on 10 different pill packs I produce. The lot codes appear in the same place for each pack, but I need to switch production between all 10 SKUs each hour and don’t have time to manually re-edit my inspection programs every single time a changeover needs to occur. 

When I set up my inspection for the first time, I have the option to select “Use Variables” to flag this inspection as one that will have a customizable value to search for. Now, whenever I start a run with this program, I have the option to enter a new value I’d like the inspection to look for, thus simplifying the process needed to handle changeovers and reducing my production downtime. And if I ever want to see which Variable values were used for any particular inspections, I can access all of the data in my run results pages.

A New Interface for Greater Visibility

Our Samsara dashboard features a new interface designed to give you faster access to the information you care about.

The dashboard homepage has been redesigned to give you immediate visibility into your active runs and all camera lines. You can easily check on the performance of any ongoing run or view the status of any camera within your organization. 

Direct access to run results helps you quickly analyze production performance and diagnose inspection issues for active runs. Meanwhile, historical runs are now gathered under a single tab and can be managed and viewed using a number of different filters, allowing you to quickly understand production performance over time. Finally, redesigned camera pages allow you to manage inspection programs and handle changeovers even faster than before.

Try it yourself today 

Alerts, Variables, and the new dashboard interface are all fully available through the Samsara dashboard. Contact your representative today to get access.

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