Now Available: Samsara Dashboard in Spanish and French

Now Available: Samsara Dashboard in Spanish and French

October 29, 2018

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At Samsara, we're on a mission to connect every part of your fleet's operations. We know that helping data flow between your dispatch operations, drivers, mechanics, customers, and more is just one part of the puzzle. Just as important as the data are the words that we use to connect your fleet.

That’s why, today, we are pleased to announce that the Samsara Dashboard and Driver App offers multi-language support. Every Samsara user now has the ability to choose the language their account uses: English, French or Spanish.

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Letting individual users select their own preferred language on the dashboard and in the Driver App empowers organizations to operate with several languages. And when drivers are able to choose the language that they feel most comfortable with, fleets can make sure that nothing ever gets lost in translation, leading to smoother operations.

New language preferences are another tool to help simplify and strengthen communications across multilingual fleets. If you’re a Samsara customer, simply click your name in the upper right corner, select profile, and then choose your preferred language to start. And if you’re a multilingual company looking for a new fleet solution, sign up for a demo and we’ll show you how configurable language preferences are merely one part of our comprehensive fleet management solution. If your fleet operates in another language beyond French or Spanish, reach out and we’ll let you know when we’re adding new ones!

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