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Streamlining Samsara License Subscriptions

February 8, 2021

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Working with over 20,000 customers, we’ve witnessed firsthand how connected operations can transform businesses and increase the safety, efficiency, and sustainability of the operations that power our economy.

Today, we’re excited to announce a streamlined license structure for our products. We’re making it easier for more customers to deploy Samsara, and ensuring that users have access to the latest technology over the long term. These improvements build on our longstanding commitment to providing simple pricing, rapid return on investment, and low total cost of ownership.

With our updated subscriptions, customers receive:

  • Free hardware included with most licenses to connect your operations to Samsara’s cloud, including AI dash cameras, telematics gateways, and more

  • Complimentary periodic hardware upgrades, to ensure your technology stays current

  • Industry-leading hardware warranty and support as long as you maintain your license

Eliminating up-front hardware costs

Starting today, we are including hardware for free with most of our licenses. Our updated plans give customers everything they need to get started with Samsara—software, hardware, connectivity, and necessary cables all bundled together into a single subscription. 

For some of our customers, this is familiar. We've offered this option to our small and mid-sized customers for years, which has successfully enabled thousands of businesses to deploy cutting-edge technology. We've received feedback from larger enterprises that they'd benefit from this too, and we’re excited to now offer this simplified approach to everyone.

Free periodic hardware upgrades

Our customers choose Samsara for our rapid pace of innovation, with new software features delivered every month, driven directly by customer feedback.

The vast majority of the features we release are software-based and work with several generations of hardware. But we’re also committed to developing new hardware as technology advances, enabling customers to bring more data into Samsara through advancements in cameras, sensors, and connectivity.

When we offer improved hardware, customers will have the option to upgrade to the latest hardware for free with a qualifying license renewal. Of course, if you’d prefer to not swap out your hardware, you can keep it, and we’ll keep delivering new features through software.

Worry-free warranties and support

Samsara is proud to deliver industry-leading hardware reliability. We stand behind our products, and we are excited to extend our warranty coverage, so that your hardware is covered under warranty as long as you have a valid license - no matter how long you’ve had it. 

This enhanced warranty applies to both new customers and the 1 million devices we’ve connected to date.

Your partner for the long term

No matter the needs, industry, or size of your organization, we are dedicated to providing great service and innovative solutions to ensure you’re prepared for the future. 

Our updated licenses take effect starting today. If you are already a Samsara customer, you are automatically eligible for free hardware upgrades when you make a qualifying renewal, and your warranty term is automatically extended as long as you maintain your license subscription. If you expand your purchase, you’ll be eligible for free hardware with your new licenses.

These new programs apply to the vast majority of our products and licenses. For full details, see our terms of service, or contact your sales representative.

And if you’re not yet a customer but want to see what Samsara can do for you, get in touch to request a free trial.

Thank you for your partnership!

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