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“Samsara’s temperature monitoring technology is way ahead. It pays for itself a thousand times over.”


The country’s largest smoked fish producer and distributor ensures food safety with Samsara’s real-time temperature monitoring for fleets:

  • Fleet of refrigerated trucks conducting daily shipments along East Coast requires a robust way to track temperature throughout deliveries.

  • Samsara EM11 temperature sensors and VG33 vehicle gateways provide complete visibility across the cold chain.


  • Real-time temperature monitoring provides visibility and reduces risk of spoilage

  • Centralized online dashboard eliminates manual data logging

  • Company saves thousands of dollars each year through streamlined operations

Acme Smoked Fish started over 100 years ago when Harry Brownstein began buying up fish from local smokehouses and selling them to stores around New York City. The company moved to Greenpoint, Brooklyn in 1954, expanding operations with a new 80,000 square-foot location. Through the 1970’s the company helped popularize vacuum-pack technology, making smoked fish available beyond the deli counter.

Today, Acme Smoked Fish brands are widely distributed throughout the United States through supermarkets, delis, and warehouse clubs. With ever-expanding demand and the utmost focus on quality, Jim Hartmann, Commercial Fleet Manager, is tasked with ensuring Acme’s products are shipped efficiently and safely through the supply chain.

“Our biggest challenge is maintaining documentation throughout the transportation of our products.”

Hartmann and his team sought a way to track the temperature and location of their refrigerated shipments to ensure quality upon delivery to their 1,800 accounts between New England and Philadelphia.


Acme’s ongoing commitment to product safety, along with their esteemed BRC Certification, made documenting temperature throughout the cold chain critical. Specifically, Hartmann was looking for a solution with accurate temperature monitoring and real-time alerting that was easy to use.

The Acme team was using thousands of basic data loggers which were quickly lost or damaged during operation. When the data loggers failed, the corresponding deliveries were rejected. “This is a big hassle and very expensive,” comments Hartmann. For Acme, this equates to tens of thousands of dollars lost annually due to waste, extra shipments, and labor.

Hartmann looked at “every GPS solution out there,” and decided to try Samsara because of its wireless temperature monitoring feature set. Hartmann was intrigued by the potential improvements in productivity, record keeping, and costs when he saw a demo of Samsara’s technology. Acme installed Samsara VG33 gateways and EM11 temperature sensors in their Hino, Ford, and International trucks.

“I was waiting for someone to come along with something really different. I knew this was the one.”

The impact was evident from the beginning: instead of installing new data loggers each day, the team installed the Samsara EM11 wireless temperature sensors in their truck bodies and VG33 vehicle gateways in their cabs. Installation was fast and easy, taking less than ten minutes per vehicle.

Once installed, Acme could centrally monitor the temperature and location of all of their refrigerated trucks from the Samsara dashboard. From their headquarters in Brooklyn, Hartmann and his team use the Samsara dashboard to monitor real-time temperatures throughout delivery routes. If a temperature spikes, the team receives an automatic alert so they can quickly identify and resolve issues.

Samsara’s solution provides the team reliable, easy-to-read records of temperatures, eliminating guesswork and providing peace of mind. The Acme team is now confident their smoked fish products are kept at proper temperatures from processing through delivery.

“Having the record of our consistent temperatures is proof positive. No one can deny it.”

While Acme's initial goal with Samsara was to monitor temperature, they've found unexpected benefits from an advanced GPS tracking feature set, which is included with Samsara's solution.

The team tracks the location of their trucks, pinpointing the location of vehicles, mapped alongside customer locations, all down to the second. They use this visibility to ensure deliveries are made and to improve the team's efficiency. By tracking engine diagnostics, the team instantly sees engine fault codes, monitors fuel usage, and tracks idling time. This all adds up to big savings by improving productivity, vehicle uptime, and fuel consumption.

Hartmann and his team have a grand vision for the food transportation industry: “I want all of my carriers to use Samsara technology. That way I will instantly see where my products have been and their temperature. I want to see that you’re monitoring with Samsara.”

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