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    Transportation & Logistics

    Fames Transport

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    Transportation & Logistics

    Dohrn Transfer Company

    Less-than-truckload carrier utilizes Samsara to support routing and dispatch efficiency for its 545-vehicle fleet.

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    Food & Beverage

    Clover Dairy

    How a 100-year old dairy uses Samsara to maximize customer satisfaction, while simultaneously finding cost and time savings.

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    “We used to get a lot of questions from sales agencies, asking us when a truck was going to arrive. Now, we can proactively let them know.”

    –Adam Schwebel, VP of Operations, The Schwebel Baking Company


    “From GPS and temperature monitoring to driver safety, fuel savings, and Hours of Service, it just works."

    –Jim Hoss, VP of Operations, Cash-Wa Distributing

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