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“There are no more moments of panic, we don’t have to worry about not knowing where our equipment was last seen, and we can track our trailers and assets down to the second.”

Amrit Cheema, Fleet and Safety/Compliance Manager, Mountain Eagle Trucking

Canadian general freight carrier Mountain Eagle Trucking relies on Samsara to efficiently manage end-to-end operations across the Canada-United States border.

  • Environmental monitors reduce the number of rejected loads via temperature sensing and alerts.

  • Vehicle Gateways and Asset Gateways provide insights into real-time GPS location and eliminate trying to figure out where trucks and trailers are located.

  • IFTA mileage reports take the guesswork out of cross-border mileage reporting.

  • AI Dash Cameras provide safety coaching opportunities.

Meet Mountain Eagle Trucking

On any given day, Mountain Eagle Trucking’s fleet is busy transporting anything from food and beverages to building materials, fresh produce, and even clothing. Though headquartered in Abbotsford, British Columbia, many of Mountain Eagle’s trucks are found transporting goods across the Canada-United States border, which poses unique challenges for the 15-truck company.

Since their customer base ranges from individual organizations to brokers, Mountain Eagle’s primary mission is to deliver a high level of customer service, which they achieve by delivering and picking up shipments on time. “Customers are much more likely to be happy and repeat their business when we provide reliable pickups and deliveries,” said Mountain Eagle’s Amrit Cheema.

As the Fleet and Safety/Compliance Manager, Cheema has several priorities to track. From keeping tabs on where his trucks and trailers are, to maintaining his fleet and ensuring his drivers are safe on Canadian and U.S. roads, the responsibilities and concerns are diverse and unique for Mountain Eagle’s small-but-mighty fleet. After searching for a solution to these challenges, Cheema decided to deploy Samsara’s Vehicle Gateways (VGs), Asset Gateways (AGs), Environmental Monitors (EMs), and Dash Cameras (CMs) for his entire fleet.

Reducing rejected loads with temperature monitoring

For Mountain Eagle’s food and beverage distribution business, temperature reliability is key to maintaining quality service and customer loyalty. Before they had a temperature monitoring system in place, Mountain Eagle had no visibility into their cold chain once their trucks were on the road — leaving them vulnerable to rejected loads, which could cost anywhere from $5,000 to $150,000 or more depending on the size of the delivery. After his fleet faced a few rejected loads due to temperature spikes, Cheema began looking for a solution to proactively monitor and track his fleet’s location, diagnostics, and temperature in order to prevent unnecessary losses and improve operations.

In order to address these mounting costs, Mountain Eagle deployed Samsara’s Vehicle Gateways and Environmental Monitors to better track their reefers’ temperatures. The ability to gain real-time insights into the temperature fluctuations inside of his trucks allowed Cheema to act quickly to resolve potential catastrophes. Now, if a reefer’s temperature dips below an acceptable range, Samsara sends an alert to Cheema so he can immediately call his driver and ask them to check their reefer. These simple temperature alerts have allowed Cheema to catch damaging temperature changes and save thousands of dollars for his business.

Achieving peace of mind with asset tracking

Like many trucking companies that own a mix of tractors and trailers, Mountain Eagle previously struggled to keep track of their assets across their various locations.

Before installing the Samsara VG34s and AG24s, it could be hours or days before Cheema knew a trailer had been stolen or misplaced. Now, Mountain Eagle can save both their employees and the police’s time by staying on top of their fleet’s location right in the Samsara dashboard.

With Samsara’s trailer and asset gateways, Mountain Eagle finally has peace of mind. “Life is so much easier,” Cheema said. “There are no more moments of panic, we don’t have to worry about not knowing where something was last seen, and we can track our trailers and assets down to the second.”

Maintaining cross-border compliance in the U.S. and Canada

When it comes to HOS compliance, Mountain Eagle has a few unique concerns. Since they operate across the Canadian-United States border, they needed a gateway that could automatically detect when their trucks cross an international border. With Samsara, Mountain Eagle is able to switch from U.S. to Canada mode without a hitch, which saves time and helps them remain compliant with the two countries’ distinct laws.

In addition to HOS compliance, Mountain Eagle was able to use Samsara’s GPS tracking and route data for International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) reporting and compliance. “Samsara makes our IFTA reporting much easier,” Cheema said. “Before, we had to trust that our software would get the route right by estimating, but now that we have GPS tracking, we know that the routes and mileage are accurate because it’s based on where our drivers actually drove.” Thanks to Samsara’s integrated platform, Cheema is simply able to download his IFTA report and easily match it with his dispatching software in order to be confident that it’s accurate and compliant.

Beyond receiving preventative maintenance alerts to keep his fleet safe, Amrit has also configured custom alerts for Canadian-specific inspections that his fleet needs in order to be compliant. By syncing these alerts with his mobile phone, Amrit has the peace of mind that he’ll never miss an alert and his fleet will stay on track to provide top-quality customer service.

Ensuring customer service and safety with Samsara's fully integrated platform

As the last piece of the operations puzzle, Cheema implemented Samsara’s Dash Cameras in an effort to keep his drivers safe on the road. The addition of video footage has helped Cheema coach his drivers to improve safety-related behavior, which ultimately helps minimize risk for the entire operation.

Since implementing Samsara, Mountain Eagle has seen fewer rejected loads, increased confidence in their customer service, and avoided potentially catastrophic accidents on the road. By integrating VGs, AGs, Environmental Monitors, and Dash Cameras, their fleet has been able to proactively track all of the information they need within a single integrated platform.

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