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“If I am out, whether it be for business or personal reasons and can’t physically visit any of our plant sites, I can get the dashboards from my phone and see whether or not a well has run, the system pressure is where it should be, or just get a visual on different pump run times. It takes the worry out of not knowing.”

Mackay Burcher, Oregon Water Utilities’ Field Superintendent

SouthWest Water is made up of utility subsidiaries that own and operate regulated water and wastewater systems. With over half a million residential and business customers in six US states relying on safe water and wastewater treatment, it’s crucial that SouthWest Water keep their operations running smoothly.

In order to provide a reliable and consistent service to their customers, SouthWest knew they needed to be able to remotely monitor their water systems for alarms, overflows, or loss in pressure. Starting with an Oregon facility, SouthWest partnered with Samsara to implement a cloud-based SCADA solution for remote monitoring and alerting. Mackay Burcher, Oregon Water Utilities’ Field Superintendent, led the integration so that they could get ahead of customer complaints, prevent accidents, and mitigate damage both financially and environmentally.

Peace of mind

Samsara’s remote monitoring allows SouthWest Water to monitor pump run status, levels, system pressure, and system flow across 11 sites, all through dashboards accessible on their computers or mobile phones.

Preventing interruptions in service

Previously, SouthWest Water had to rely on the public to call in if there was a problem. With real-time data coming in through Samsara Industrial Gateways, they were able to set up alarms for pump faults, high or low level conditions, and system pressure or flow outside normal operating range. This increased responsiveness without operators constantly driving between sites to check readings.

Easy installation and setup

One of the reasons SouthWest Water decided to partner with Samsara was due to the non-intrusive installation and consistent customer support. With LTE cellular service built into the Industrial Gateway, collecting real-time data and receiving real-time alerts is instant.

“It was apparent Samsara was committed to continued technical development and lasting customer support. Implementing the monitoring equipment was nonintrusive and the Samsara team was there to help every step of the way.”

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