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"I can’t imagine running our business without Samsara.”


Los Angeles' leading limousine company keeps customer service high with Samsara's real time fleet management:

  • Large fleet of limos and party buses needed a way to track' fuel levels and maintenance issues to ensure consistent customer satisfaction

  • Samsara VG33 vehicle gateways provide complete fleet visibility through Samsara Dashboard and Samsara Mobile App


  • Vehicle diagnostics in Samsara Dashboard guarantees fleet is fueled and issue-free before picking up customers

  • Automating fuel and maintenance checks saves company hundreds of hours per year

ULC Limos began in 2004 when Brandon Jacobian returned from service in the Air Force and purchased a single car. From its humble beginnings the company has grown to a staff of almost 100 employees, 50 vehicles, and a service area of over 100 cities. The ULC fleet of limos and party buses now serves corporate clients and party-goers for special events across Southern California.

With their growing customer base and ever-expanding staff, Jacobian works hard to ensure his team maintains their superior customer service standards. ULC's enduring focus on customer service keeps customers coming back and their reviews high.

A vehicle running out of fuel or breaking down is a costly issue for any industry, but it's a nightmare scenario for limousine companies. With such a large fleet, the whole ULC team needs to ensure their custom-designed vehicles are in tip-top shape before going out to chauffeur guests.

“Now we can preemptively fuel and fix our vehicles.”

ulc limo

Before finding Samsara, Jacobian and the ULC team would routinely walk from limo to limo, manually checking and recording the fuel levels and check engine lights before each shift. Jacobian knew there had to be a better way.

Jacobian tried fleet management providers with complex interfaces, but needed an easy to use solution. When a friend told him about Samsara, he knew he had to try it.

"We were able to install Samsara ourselves."

His maintenance team installed Samsara VG33 gateways in a matter of minutes. With Samsara in place, the ULC team can instantly see all their fleet operations in one place. From the Samsara Dashboard, the dispatch team keeps tabs on fuel levels and battery voltage, making sure that the limos are always able to complete their journeys.

The operations team uses Samsara's real-time maintenance features to keep their vehicles in perfect running condition. The team can see all vehicles, check engine light status, and review details of any engine faults.

Samsara gateways connect into vehicles' diagnostics ports. When a vehicle reports a fault, the gateway instantly sends the fault code to the Samsara Cloud, where they're translated into human-readable, actionable reports. The ULC team can even get an instant alert, by SMS and email, when a new fault is reported. This maintenance data is so valuable that the team now logs service notes directly in the dashboard, so the entire real-time and historical service status of a vehicle is available in one place.

"With Samsara I can instantly check my whole fleet."

Automating their fuel and fault code inspections means increased efficiency for the ULC team. Jacobian estimates it saves the team hundreds of hours a year: "We no longer need to go out, turn on the vehicles, write down the records. It's just there in the dashboard automatically."


Before Samsara, Jacobian and team had to wait for their service staff to check every vehicle. They needed a way to get information instantly and accurately. They found exactly this in Samsara.

Jacobian didn't expect to find anything so simple to use when he began looking for a solution. He was pleasantly surprised by Samsara's "nice, easy, and integrated dashboards" that his entire team can log in to and understand. While maintenance and fuel optimization were the primary motivations for the deployment, Jacobian has found many benefits of Samsara's broad feature set, from knowing a limo's precise time to arrival (even in Los Angeles traffic) to monitoring driver behavior to ensure safety and efficiency.

With Samsara, the team has gained a new confidence in their operations. They have complete visibility over the fleet, and know that they're providing the very best to their customers.

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