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Optimize warehouse administration, freight handling, and logistics management with C-Logistics TMS



C-Logistic (by C-Informationssysteme) perfectly organizes work processes and information flows in freight forwarder companies. Integration with Samsara delivers the highest demands of fleet management and order processing for both small- and medium-sized fleets and enterprise logistics groups.


Efficient order management in real-time Fully digitized workflows and driver communications Managing Samsara documents directly in C-Logistic platform

Features Modular principle based on customer requirements Real-time access to asset locations Automatic forwarding of planned routes to Samsara platform Synchronized driver messaging and documentation between C-Logistic and Samsara


To learn more about enabling this integration, please reach out to your COTRIS representative at or fill out this form to get in touch with a Samsara representative.

Supported Regions

Available in Germany

Person holds Samsara Vehicle Gateway 34 product plugging in vehicle connector cables.

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