Save Time and Money

Automatically retrieve and access tachograph data to eliminate the burden and expense of manually checking data.

Simplify Compliance

Streamline data collection to gain deep visibility into your fleet, simplify administration, and support timely and accurate reporting.

Complete Solution

Seamlessly combine tachograph data with GPS, high definition cameras, sensor data, routing, and maintenance in a single system.


Tachograph Compliance Using Samsara

Remotely Access Tachograph Data

Immediately access your fleet’s data with Samsara’s Remote Tachograph Download Cable—no scheduling or vehicle visits required.

Avoid Penalties

Centrally store all your tachograph data securely in the cloud and easily export for external analysis and audit preparation.

Increase Efficiency

Gain insights into efficiency and utilisation from reports based on historical data.

gps fleet tracking device samsara

Install in Minutes

Straightforward installation takes less than 10 minutes. No IT infrastructure or complex configuration required.

Part of a Complete Solution

Samsara's integrated platform combines remote downloads with real time GPS tracking, high definition camera footage, and sensor data, ensuring compliance, increasing safety, and streamlining management.