The Benefits of CoPilot Truck GPS for Your Fleet

May 4, 2021

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Key Takeaways

CoPilot Truck provides truck drivers with an easy to use interface and accurate and reliable routing so they can focus on what they do best—drive. Read on to learn why you should integrate your CoPilot Truck GPS route planning software with your fleet management solution to maximize efficiency.

What is CoPilot Truck software? 

Created by Trimble MAPS and powered by PC*MILER routing, CoPilot Truck software is a smart route planning and navigation software that helps trucking companies improve efficiency and increase on-time delivery rates. With real-time traffic information and offline navigation features, CoPilot Truck’s navigation solution can help your fleet avoid potential delays and get precise ETAs. 

Available online or via the CoPilot Truck GPS navigation app for iPhones, iPads, or Androids, CoPilot Truck software easily integrates with fleet management solutions such as Samsara. 

With CoPilot Truck routing software, your fleet can: 

  • Improve route planning: Build accurate and efficient routes and make critical routing decisions with predictive and real-time weather and traffic conditions. Rest area data can also help your drivers plan breaks to maintain HOS compliance

  • Maintain safe and efficient driving: Keep truck drivers safe and efficient on the roads with automatic route generation and advanced road warnings of potential driving hazards. 

  • Analyze route performance: Integrate post-trip route visualization and reporting to analyze route performance across your entire fleet. 

5 benefits of integrating CoPilot Truck route planning software with your fleet management solution 

To maximize the benefits from your CoPilot Truck route planning software, you should consider integrating it with a fleet management solution, such as Samsara. CoPilot Truck integrates seamlessly with the Samsara Open API so you can access all of your fleet data from one single platform. Combine real-time traffic data and customizable truck routes from CoPilot Truck with fleet safety and compliance data from Samsara to improve efficiency and streamline the driver experience across your entire fleet. 

Read on to learn five key benefits of integrating CoPilot Truck with your fleet management solution. 

1. Improve navigation accuracy

CoPilot Truck’s software provides drivers with turn-by-turn GPS navigation and directions for their prescribed route. Offline navigation features from CoPilot Truck ensure your drivers will never lose sight of your destination, regardless of connectivity. 

By integrating CoPilot Truck with your real-time GPS tracking solution, such as Samsara, you can eliminate breadcrumb tracking and get live-to-the-second tracking on your vehicles so that you know where they are at all times. With both CoPilot Truck and Samsara, your drivers and back office staff will be able to navigate smoothly and improve route visibility. 

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2. Remotely adjust routes to stay on track

With CoPilot Truck integrated with your fleet management solution, your routing manager can remotely configure routes to eliminate manual updates. This will help drivers stay on track and maintain on-time deliveries. In addition to helping your back office save time, this will also help minimize service interruptions and keep customers happy. With features such as Samsara’s Live Sharing, you can provide live sharing links with customers so they can stay up to date on the real-time status of their delivery. 

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3. Create custom routes 

With all of your routing in one platform, you can create, manage, and sync custom location content and route profiles to make future route configuration a breeze. Need to avoid certain roads or stay away from low bridges? You can easily customize your routes within Samsara to ensure driver safety and route efficiency. 

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4. Analyze route performance

With routing data from CoPilot Truck, you can view the Planned vs. Actual Report in the Samsara dashboard to compare route performance over a given period of time. This data can help you determine route efficiency and make necessary route optimizations to improve on-time performance. 

5. One consolidated app for all of your fleet’s needs 

By integrating CoPilot Truck with your fleet management solution, you can give your drivers the tools they need in one single app. This helps truck drivers avoid switching between multiple apps for routing or truck navigation, compliance, and DVIRs, and other workflows—which helps keep them focused on driving. For example, with the driver-friendly Samsara Driver App, drivers can view their CoPilot Truck routes within the same app they use to update their duty status, submit digital documents, and more. 

Discover how Samsara’s integration with CoPilot GPS can improve your fleet’s efficiency

With the Connected Operations Platform—an all-in-one solution for your fleet, warehouses, and worksites—Samsara can help streamline data across your organization, unlocking new insights and increasing your fleet’s efficiency. Plus, with an intuitive, modern design and top-rated Driver App for mobile-first fleets, Samsara enables 20,000+ organizations of all sizes, including fleets with thousands of vehicles. 

To learn how the Samsara Connected Operations Cloud can increase the safety, efficiency, and sustainability of your organization, reach out for a free 30-day trial or pricing information today.

LEARN MORE: Visit the Samsara App Marketplace to learn more about our integration with CoPilot Truck. 

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