Streamline Quality Control

Just like a quality inspector, the Samsara Machine Vision system verifies packaging codes, looks for defects, and triggers quality control. By rapidly analyzing every product in real-time, this system catches defects and improves production quality.

How It Works

Vehicles transmit live data via gateway. Vehicles transmit live data via gateway.

VS2 Vision System

    • Industrial-Grade Hardware

      Designed for harsh environments.

    • Powerful Analytics

      Real-time processing and defect detection.

    • Centralized Management

      Remote monitoring and configuration of every inspection point.

    • Integrated Traceability

      Cloud database and historical analysis of every production run.

    Product Details

Faster, more accurate quality inspection

Samsara machine vision uses advanced processing power to read expiration dates, lot numbers and barcodes, check labels, and verify product quality details.

Gain visibility into production quality

Instantly review quality metrics with production run data that is automatically uploaded to the cloud. Samsara analyzes, labels, and tags images of every inspected and rejected item and provides a production report for every run.

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Promote safe driving

Reduce rework and scrap rate

Surface repeat quality issues in a matter of seconds and identify problematic steps in the production process. Summaries provide quality experts and plant managers with the insight they need to improve yield and reduce rework.

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Make changeovers easy on operators

Quickly set up new inspections

With an easy-to-use dashboard, new programs can be configured and shared in just a few clicks–all without ever going on site.

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Machine vision simplified

  • No additional servers or IT complexity

  • Intuitive, integrated traceability

  • Visibility anywhere in the world–from a single line to a multi-site enterprise

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Success Stories

Hanson of Sonoma Distillery

A family-owned, artisan distiller is working with Samsara to help ensure its award-winning products are perfectly packaged and produced.

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Impossible Foods has deployed Samsara sensors to verify food safety and compliance control points, increase manufacturing uptime, and maintain product quality.

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Revive Kombucha

Revive uses Samsara to monitor and maintain its relentless focus on product quality and sustainability while scaling nationwide production and distribution.

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