Benefits & Features

A Comprehensive Vision System to Increase Efficiency, Compliance, and Traceability

Automates quality checks and traceability management with Samsara's robust, accurate, easy-to-deploy VS2 Machine Vision System

Quality Inspection

Improve throughput with intelligent fault detection, control system integration, and a cloud dashboard for historical records and traceability.

Install, Integrate, and Operate In Hours

Samsara's vision system is easy to install and integrates with your existing execution systems out-of-the-box

Insights and Analytics

Dramatically reduce quality inspection costs, recalls, and product issues with easy to interpret reports and dashboards.

VS2 Vision System

  • Integrated lighting and quality detection designed for harsh environments ensure high verification rates
  • Integrated traceability database automatically captures product images and provides centralized, remote visibility to quality and plant managers
  • Easily automate quality checks with machine vision across one or many lines and multiple plant locations
  • Decrease downtime and increase production flexibility with built-in Wi-Fi connectivity and remote configuration and monitoring

How it Works

Camera positioned on manufacturing line
High speed vision verification matches labels, verifies barcodes, and performs product quality checks
Vision controller integrates with production systems to trigger quality control when defects are found

Label Matching

Samsara's vision system reliably verifies labels, product codes, expiration dates, and other printed features.

Barcode Scanning

Scan 1D and 2D codes with industry leading processing power in order to optimize production line efficiency

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Complete Visibility into Your Production Line

Use production run statistics, items counts, and quality reports to troubleshoot quality issues before they leave the production line