Quality Made Simple

Automate inspections with a simple Machine Vision solution designed to scale with your business.

Faster Setup

Start inspecting your products with configurable, code-free tools.

Anywhere, anytime

Seamlessly manage your entire inspection process with our central dashboard.

Total visibility

Analyze real-time and historical production data with integrated traceability.

Centralized dashboard

Whether you’re on site or on the go, instantly review production quality metrics. Samsara analyzes, labels, and tags images of every item and provides a production report for every run.

Seamless changeovers

Samsara integrates with existing production systems, PLCs, and historians with minimal changes to existing operator processes. The built-in HMI Recipe Manager runs on any tablet, making it easier to start runs and identify current run status.

Made for humans

With an easy-to-use dashboard, new programs can be configured in just a few clicks. Samsara provides built-in tutorials to help you along the way.

How It Works

Machine Vision is simple to set up and scales with your business. Learn how automated quality inspections can work for you.

Ready for production

The camera is positioned on a line to perform quality checks of every product.

Automated quality inspection

When the system finds a defect, it triggers quality control and automatically uploads the data to the Samsara dashboard.

Full visibility, full stop

Whether you’re on site or on the go, instantly review inspection results and manage your programs.

Applications Across Industries

Samsara Machine Vision provides powerful inspection capabilities for any industry.

Success Stories