Why Machine Vision for Automotive?

Rising labor costs and gaps in the workforce are driving more automotive manufacturers to turn to automation to lower production costs. At the same time, actionable data has become an increasingly important guiding light for improving yield and efficiency.

While machine vision systems can help solve key production and quality challenges for automotive manufacturers, they have historically been difficult to use and maintain. Samsara’s VS2-series simplifies the machine vision experience by combining powerful hardware with a truly intuitive user interface. Coupled with an integrated traceability database and an array of flexible inspection tools, the VS2-series offers a complete solution for automated product inspection in the automotive space.

Solve Key Business Challenges


Verify that every part conforms to strict tolerances using measurement tools. Gauge critical dimensions and placement.

Assembly Verification

Verify that every part is assembled correctly over large areas. Confirm that every component is present and aligned.

Product Quality

Confirm that products are consistent in appearance. Ensure that they are free of dents, scratches, and any other defects that could compromise safety.


Read and verify the accuracy of 1D and 2D barcodes, text, and numbers to create traceability for all components, from wheels to engine blocks, in each final assembly.

Common Inspections & Setup

Our robust software provides a complete set of easy-to-configure inspection tools. Albums allow you to emulate, test, and optimize inspection programs before deploying to production environments. Once configured, inspections can be deployed across multiple cameras in just a few clicks.

Part Dimensioning

Verify that various parts, like the piston shown here, are the correct shape and dimensions.

Quality and Appearance

Ensure that all components, like these brake pads, are produced without flaws and detect the presence of any defects, dents, scratches, wear, and discoloration.

Assembly Verification

Confirm that all pieces and parts are assembled to specifications with no missing components.

Track and Trace

Create component traceability by verifying and recording barcode information in the Dashboard.

Additional Inspections

  • Glue Beads

  • Circuit Coating

  • Injection Moulding

  • Harness Construction

  • Tire Assembly

  • Wheel Fasteners

  • Airbags

  • Brake Pads

  • Brake Valves

  • Part Dimensions

  • Foreign Particles

  • Weld Quality

  • Thread Defects

  • Track & Trace

  • Subassembly Construction