Why Machine Vision for Consumer Goods?

For consumer goods manufacturers, growing demand for customized products, more complex processing, and greater SKU proliferation are making efficient quality inspection more challenging than ever before.

While legacy machine vision systems have helped manage quality control for consumer goods manufacturers in the past, they have proven difficult to update for the rapid product cycles seen in the industry today. Samsara’s VS2- series simplifies the machine vision experience by combining powerful hardware with a truly intuitive user interface. With an array of flexible tools that make setting up inspections easy, the VS2-series offers a complete solution for automated and efficient product inspection in the consumer goods space.

Solve Key Business Challenges

Packaging Inspection

Prevent damaged or mislabeled packaging from making it's way out of the factory and preserve your brand's reputation.

Assembly Verification

Check that multi-pack boxes and cartons contain the right number of products and that bottles are filled to the right level. Ensure that accessories like printed leaflets are attached to or included in packaging.

Product Quality

Confirm that products are consistent in size, shape, and are fully intact. Ensure that products are accurate in color capturing small and nuanced discrepancies in hue or tone.

Allergen Management

Verify that allergen labels are present, and track items through the supply chain using barcodes to act fast in the event of a recall. Confirm that the right product is packaged in the right container.

Common Inspections & Setup

Our robust software provides a complete set of easy-to-configure inspection tools. Albums allow you to emulate, test, and optimize inspection programs before deploying to production environments. Once configured, inspections can be deployed across multiple cameras in just a few clicks.

Assembly Verification

Check that products are correctly assembled including all various components, like caps, nozzles, or instruction leaflets.

Lot Code

Read and verify lot codes and ensure they are printed, correct, and legible on all containers and all packaging.

Label Verification

Match labels and verify that they are placed on the correct products. Ensure all elements are present and printed correctly and without tears or other defects.

Fill Level

Ensure that bottles and other containers are filled to the right level.

Additional Inspections

  • Label Verification

  • Label Inspection

  • Cap Placement

  • Safety Seal Inspection

  • Fill Level

  • Best By Date

  • Batch & Lot Codes

  • Color Check

  • Case Labels

  • Product Count

  • Accessory Presence

  • Track & Trace