Why Machine Vision for Food & Beverage?

With a growing need for allergen-free products, greater SKU proliferation, and increasing scrutiny from consumers and regulators, food and beverage manufacturers are under increasing pressure to minimize downtime without compromising on quality.

While machine vision systems can help solve key production and quality challenges for food & beverage manufacturers, they have historically been difficult to use and maintain. Samsara’s VS2-series simplifies the machine vision experience by combining powerful hardware with a truly intuitive user interface. Coupled with an integrated traceability database and an array of flexible inspection tools, the VS2- series offers a complete solution for automated product inspection in the food and beverage space.

Solve Key Business Challenges

Packaging Inspection

Prevent damaged packaging from making its way out of the factory and ensure the product's freshness and appearance are preserved.

Assembly Verification

Check that multi-pack boxes and cartons contain the right number of products and that bottles are filled to the right level. Ensure that accessories like attached straws or other components are present.

Product Quality

Confirm that products are consistent in appearance and size before packaging. Ensure that products are cooked to the right doneness or that the desired color is produced.

Allergen Management

Verify that allergen labels are present and track items through the supply chain using barcodes to act fast in the event of a recall. Make sure that the right product is packaged in the right container.

Common Inspections & Setup

Our robust software provides a complete set of easy-to-configure inspection tools. Albums allow you to emulate, test, and optimize inspection programs before deploying to production environments. Once configured, inspections can be deployed across multiple cameras in just a few clicks.

Cap Placement

Check that caps are present, intact, and aligned on bottles and other containers.

Expiration Date

Verify that expiration dates are printed, correct, and legible on cans, bottles, labels, and any other types of containers and packaging.

Label Verification

Match labels and verify that they are placed on the correct products. Ensure all elements are present and printed correctly and without tears or other defects.

Product Count

Ensure that six-pack drink holders, product cases, and other containers holding batches of individual products are filled with the right number of items.

Barcode Track & Trace

Verify that the correct barcode is printed and legible and collect the data in the Dashboard for tracking and traceability purposes.

Product Quality

Ensure that glass bottles, high-end packaging, and other items are free of dents, dings, scratches, and other cosmetic defects that undermine customer perception of quality.

Additional Inspections

  • Label Verification

  • Label Inspection

  • Cap Placement

  • Safety Seal Inspection

  • Fill Level

  • Best By Date

  • Batch & Lot Codes

  • Color Check

  • Case Labels

  • Product Count

  • Accessory Presence

  • Track & Trace