Why Machine Vision for Pharmaceuticals?

From package and traceability compliance to liability for patient safety, quality is core to the success of pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers. At the same time, higher R&D costs and growing competition have put a spotlight on production efficiency.

While many manufacturers have deployed machine vision to help solve key quality, traceability, and compliance challenges, these systems have historically been difficult to use and their rigidity has made them difficult to update. Samsara’s VS2-series simplifies the machine vision experience by combining powerful hardware with a truly intuitive user interface. Coupled with an integrated traceability database and an array of flexible inspection tools, the VS2- series offers a complete solution for efficient automated inspection in the pharmaceutical and medical device space.

Solve Key Business Challenges

Packaging Integrity

Ensure that safety seals and caps are present and properly placed. Check that blister packs are fully intact with no damaged or missing capsules.

Label Accuracy

Verify that labels are accurate and contain all information required for compliance. Ensure print quality of text and barcodes and confirm the attachment of additional instruction leaflets.

Product Quality

Confirm that products are consistent in appearance and size before packaging. Detect the presence of particulates and broken tablets.


Read and verify the accuracy of 1D and 2D barcodes, text, and numbers printed on labels, cartons, films, and other surfaces. Automatically and securely log data to create an audit trail in the Samsara dashboard.

Common Inspections & Setup

Our robust software provides a complete set of easy-to-configure inspection tools. Albums allow you to emulate, test, and optimize inspection programs before deploying to production environments. Once configured, inspections can be deployed across multiple cameras in just a few clicks.

Assembly Verification

Check that caps and other accessory components are present, intact, and aligned to the primary product.

Pill Count

Ensure that blister packs and other containers are complete with the right number of pills and that each pill is fully intact with no breaks or cracks.

Expiration Date & Lot Code

Read and verify that the correct best by and expiration dates are printed on all containers, packing, and leaflets. Read lot codes for traceability through the supply chain.

Seal Check

Verify that safety seals are present and intact on bottles or any other containers.

Additional Inspections

  • Label Verification

  • Track & Trace

  • Fill Level

  • Vial Inspection

  • Best By Date

  • Batch & Lot Codes

  • Case Labels

  • Packet Counts

  • Safety Seal Inspection

  • Package Insert Detection

  • Capsule Size

  • Pill Color Verification

  • Broken Pill Checks

  • Vial Counting

  • Injection Molding Defects