Mobile SCADA and KPI Dashboards

Visibility and control from any device with no additional configuration

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Keep a close eye on your operations with responsive, mobile dashboards

Get visibility anywhere, improve responsiveness, and gain greater peace of mind. Samsara dashboard layouts automatically update to fit any screen size, including smartphones and tablets with no additional development work.

Diagnose issues on the spot with mobile alarm analysis

Alarms include trend lines you can analyze on any device preventing wasted trips for false alarms and enabling rapid alarm diagnosis for operators and remote workers.

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Industrial Mobile SCADA Setpoint Control

Act immediately and prevent downtime with mobile control

Minimize the impact of unexpected equipment issues and downtime. Turn equipment on or off and adjust setpoints as soon as you’re alerted, all from your smartphone or tablet.

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See how City of Chowchilla improves response times with mobile dashboards

City of Chowchilla–a water municipality in central California uses mobile dashboards to help their operators respond to issues before they receive hundreds of calls from their customers.

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Unlimited users anywhere, with no app required

Samsara dashboards are ready for mobile out of the box, so you can quickly deploy and see impact across your entire team no matter where they are.

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Part of a complete solution for equipment monitoring and control

Our modern approach to equipment monitoring includes mobile dashboards, alerting, reporting, analytics, and unlimited data storage in the cloud, all in an integrated, easy-to-use system.

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Remote monitoring with integrated hardware and software

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