Benefits & Features

Gain Deep Visibility to Increase Efficiency and Reduce Consumption

Capture Data to Drive Efficiency Increases

Samsara’s Internet connected power monitors provide revenue grade visibility into single or 3 phase power, enabling operators to analyze consumption, measure efficiency, and reduce costs

Identify Costly Demand Spikes Waste

With fine-grained energy consumption and power factor visualizations, real-time alerts, and optional industrial sensor data, operators can identify inefficiencies and reduce demand charges

Ideal for Remote Sites and Equipment

Samsara installs in minutes, without IT infrastructure or SCADA integration. Samsara is ideal for instrumenting entire sites and energy-intensive equipment like pumps, compressors, and motors

Capture real-time usage from distributed sites and assets

Real-time alerts to detect and avoid demand charges

Capture advanced metrics to optimize consumption

Correlate power consumption and industrial sensor data to analyze efficiency

A Complete Solution That Deploys in Minutes
  • Non-invasive installation, typical sites completed in 15 minutes
  • A complete solution: No servers, software, IT networks, or SCADA infrastructure required
  • A read-only system built for security