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A modern platform that combines data collection, control, alerts, and analytics

With no additional infrastructure, Samsara securely controls remote equipment using universal IEC 61131-3 programing protocols. With easy-to-add alerts and failsafes, you can proactively prevent downtime and critical incidents

Oil & Gas


& Beverage


Mining & Construction


Monitor well and pump sites to control operations, view alerts, and measure equipment efficiency

Monitor and control tank levels, pressure, and flow

Gain live visibility into plant operations, production metrics, monitor critical equipment, set alerts, and manage overall operational efficiency

Gain visibility and control into remote locations with built in 4G LTE

Working with Samsara has been a pleasure. Our ability to pull data from hundreds of locations in real time has given us the opportunity to see overall plant efficiencies in ways we could have only dreamed about in the past.

—Colby Sneed, Director of Operations, San Jose Water Company
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Gain operational visibility into a single manufacturing site or thousands of remote locations

  • Single site
  • Multi-site

Operates standalone or easily integrates alongside existing SCADA system

Faster, easier, and cheaper to deploy

Simply connect your IOs and gain immediate visibility on your browser or mobile device. No servers to set up, no software to manage, no complexity.

Open data at your fingertips

View critical data in Samsara's cloud, easily export to analytics tool of your choice, or directly integrate with your existing historian through modern APIs.

Real time visibility and alerts

Smart alert functionality and increased visibility allows access anywhere and drives better operating efficiency.

Centrally view and easily deploy programs

Modern IEC 61131-3 programming environment allows engineers to reuse code and audit program execution - all without going onsite.

Fill data gaps

Wireless Vibration, Power, and Temperature sensors allow easy access to new diagnostic data from your legacy equipment

Condition Monitoring Power Monitoring Cold Chain

Designed for modern data security

Unlike legacy solutions that were designed in a different era and patched over time, Samsara is purpose-built to aggregate and process sensor data securely. Learn more at

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Best of both worlds: low latency local control; infinite scalability of cloud