Benefits & Features

A Secure, Wireless Solution to Increase Operational Visibility

Instant Industrial Monitoring

Samsara is a complete, plug-and-play solution to capture and visualize industrial sensor data. Gain real-time visibility into remote sites and operations, set alerts to instantly detect critical conditions, and capture historical data for analysis

Works With Thousands of Industrial Sensors

Samsara connects to 3rd party sensors via ubiquitous 4-20mA interfaces. Samsara's secure, non-invasive wireless deployment model brings data from flow meters, tank level sensors, pressure transducers, etc. into the cloud without disrupting operations

1/10th the Cost of SCADA

Built on secure wireless and cloud technologies, Samsara offers modern and powerful remote monitoring at a fraction of the cost of SCADA, enabling operators to gain visibility into any number of new environments

View real-time and historical sensor data over the web

Set SMS and email alerts to detect problems and prevent loss

Add new sensors in seconds, without engineering or IT

A Secure, Easy-to-Install Solution
  • A read-only solution designed for security
  • Deploy as a stand-alone monitoring solution, or alongside SCADA / PLC / RTU systems
  • Easy to install, with no IT infrastructure required

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