Industrial SCADA Reporting

Streamline compliance, production, and operational reporting with Samsara

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Create custom reports in minutes

Reduce the time and effort you spend collecting data for compliance or production reporting. Samsara lets you build or edit custom reports with flexible data selection, time frames, and intervals.

Aggregate data from disparate assets

Easily aggregate asset level data into one report by selecting the asset and data type. Compare common measurements like chemical levels or total production across each asset or site.

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Easily customize reports

Customize reports to your exact needs. View trends over long periods of time, compile one-second level information for compliance reports, or track totalized production daily.

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Get data into the right hands

With Samsara, you can easily print your reports, export them to a csv, or schedule them to go out in daily or weekly emails. It’s easy to make changes to existing reports or schedule emails to new contacts whenever needed.

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The system gives our clients flexibility in how they choose to receive data; they love that they can instantly print reports that are ready to submit to government agencies.

Anthony Borkowski

Remote Monitoring Specialist, Pine Environmental

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Part of a complete platform for SCADA, IIoT, and more

Our modern approach to industrial monitoring and control includes mobile dashboards, alerting, reporting, analytics, and a cloud-historian in a single, easy-to-use platform.

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