Real-time visibility from production to pipeline


From flow computers to sensors and VSDs, Samsara is an open platform designed to give you a single, unified view into all of your critical oilfield data.


Integrate and visualize real-time and historical data in easy to build charts and reports. Easily create multiple layouts and share them with an unlimited number of users.


Always-on KPI reporting can be used to identify performance irregularities between sites while remote control allows you to adjust asset setpoints instantly.

How It Works

Sensors, controllers, and other assets transmit live data via Gateway.
Operators view real-time status data and managers track production KPIs and trends in the Dashboard.

An Open Platform to Connect Every Asset

Samsara's industrial gateway easily integrates with existing PLCs and SCADA systems via common industrial protocols while built-in I/Os provide a channel for direct monitoring and control.

A Unified View of Your Entire Oilfield

Samsara provides a single source of truth for your data that’s comprehensive, always up-to-date, and readily available to anyone in your organization through the web-based dashboard.

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View Production Analytics On-Demand

Use formulas to automatically calculate production KPIs in analytics dashboards and make smarter decisions around capacity planning, demand, and system usage.

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"Samsara has become a seamless data broker for disparate systems in the oilfield. Any system that's out there, we can integrate with it, transmit that data, and provide wireless remote monitoring of assets that we would otherwise not be able to do."

Buffalo Head

Improve Pumper Efficiency

Pumpers and operators need the right amount of information in real-time to make quick decisions. Samsara’s operational dashboards are optimized for viewing critical data quickly on any device with a web browser.

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Optimize Your Production Process

With the ability to directly compare flow, pressure and other process data between sites, you can quickly identify and remediate the causes of suboptimal performance.

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"We're excited that we'll finally be able to easily see and customize our data for decision making. Before Samsara, it could take weeks to make changes to our production dashboards and reports."

Keep Your Product Flowing

Ensure continuous operation of your equipment and avoid unplanned downtime with easy-to-configure maintenance alerts when machines start to run outside of normal operating conditions.

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Streamline Reporting

From production accounting systems to regulatory compliance reports, an Open API and CSV export make it easy to deliver operations data into your existing systems without all of the manual work.

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Hardware Products

IG41 Front Detail


Industrial Gateway

  • LTE connectivity

  • Expandable I/O

  • Multi-protocol


Industrial Gateway

  • LTE connectivity

  • J1939-compatible

  • Low-power mode

Wireless LoRaWAN I/O Module


Wireless I/O Module

  • 300m open-air range

  • 6 inputs, 1 output

  • IP66, Class I, Div II


Vibration Sensor

  • Vibration monitoring

  • Surface temperature

  • Wireless