Telematics, compliance, and driver safety in a single platform

A complete IoT solution for connected fleets

A modern platform with real-time visibility and AI-powered analytics

Suite of native-built products sharing a rich modern technology foundation, including real-time visibility, analytics, AI, and mobile-centric design.

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A complete portfolio combining hardware, software and cloud solutions

Our growing suite of solutions serves fleet customers across a diverse mix of industries, bringing various data sets into a cloud-based platform to drive actionable insights for businesses of all types.

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Open APIs to connect with 3rd party systems

Connect your most important third party apps to Samsara and capture the benefit of real-time data for all your operations.

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If it weren’t for Samsara, I’d probably have at least four vendors to cover all the things it’s doing for us. From GPS and temperature monitoring to driver safety, fuel savings, and Hours of Service, it just works.”

JIM HOSS   VP of Operations, CASH-WA Distributing

Why over 10,000 fleets run their operations on Samsara


With plug-and-play hardware and intuitive software, Samsara is fast to deploy and simple to use for administrators, dispatchers, and drivers.

Always Improving

Samsara delivers ongoing software updates, with new features and enhancements delivered seamlessly each month.

Built to Scale

Built on a robust cloud infrastructure, Samsara scales to support fleets of tens of thousands of vehicles, with real-time visibility and lightning fast reporting.

Tailored to You

Samsara is a highly customizable platform with hierarchical tags, role-based administration, and flexible configuration options.

Trusted and Secure

Samsara’s hardened SOC II compliant solution includes end-to-end encryption and robust security tools, enabling deployment in highly sensitive environments.

Private by Design

Customers own their data, and Samsara provides robust privacy controls to ensure that sensitive information is kept private. Samsara complies with European GDPR requirements.

ROI Obsessed

As a single system, total ownership costs for Samsara are lower than multiple point solutions, with features that are purpose built to positively impact your bottom line.

Impact Driven

With 360 visibility in a single platform, businesses can streamline their operations and find efficiencies to impact business goals and expand operations.

The Samsara solution is so great for us—it’s not only improving our operating efficiency and saving us money, but also deeply engaging our employees in improving safety.

We wanted to have a technology partner that would adapt to how we run our business. That’s what we found in Samsara.”

Michael LeathersVP of Administration, Dohrn Transfer Company