Industrial Gateways

Stream operational data from your equipment to the cloud seamlessly

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A faster path to remote visibility

Samsara Industrial Gateways provide a direct link between your equipment and our cloud-based remote monitoring platform. This seamless integration of hardware and software gives you out-of-the-box visibility, so you can monitor and control industrial equipment in the most remote locations.

Samsara unified technology platform for remote monitoring

Minimize infrastructure costs

Samsara IGs provide an all-in-one solution. With dual-SIM LTE cellular built in, carrier contracts fully managed by Samsara, and unlimited data storage in the cloud, there is no need to deploy or maintain additional infrastructure.

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How Certarus Gained a Competitive Edge

Sign up for our live webinar to hear from Certarus’ Head of Technology, Chi Fang, on how remote monitoring helps them deliver outstanding service.

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Industrial gateway connects range of equipment

Broad compatibility across your equipment

Samsara IGs are easily deployed alongside instrumentation, sensors, and existing controllers. Expandable I/O and device drivers for the most common industrial protocols enable you to easily connect existing equipment and expand as your operations grow.

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Connect hard to reach assets

With built-in support for the LoRaWAN protocol, you can connect hard to reach assets wirelessly, and at long range. Gain more visibility and save time on installation by eliminating extensive wiring.

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WM11 wirelessly monitoring hard to reach assets

Industrial gateway in control box

“Samsara’s ‘all-in-one’ model was extremely attractive because it’s a self-sustaining platform that frees us up to focus on our core business.”

Chi Fang

Head of Technology, Certarus - Watch the Video

Remotely control operations

Remotely control existing PLCs through the Samsara industrial dashboards. Easily make adjustments to setpoints or turn equipment on and off through your mobile phone, tablet, or computer, wherever you are.

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Part of a complete platform for remote monitoring and more

Our modern approach to industrial monitoring and control includes mobile dashboards, alerting, reporting, analytics, and unlimited data storage in the cloud, all in a single, easy-to-use platform.

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Remote monitoring with integrated hardware and software

Technical Specs

  • IG41
  • IG15
  • Embedded Connectivity

    Pre-provisioned Dual SIM LTE

    Multi-Protocol Support

    EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP/RTU/ASCII, ROC RTU, and J1939

    Flexible IO

    Expandable analog, digital, and long range wireless IO

    Onboard Processing

    Low latency data transmission and onboard data storage

  • Ruggedized Hardware

    IP69K rated waterproof enclosure

    Embedded Connectivity

    Pre-provisioned 4G LTE

    CAN Support

    CAN Bus data collection via the J1939 protocol