Live Search

Samsara’s proprietary search engine is designed to ingest and process real-time data at a massive scale. With intuitive contextual search, operators can fetch instant, real-time results. Find individual assets, or filter data by location or asset class - all with intuitive, Google-like searches without the complexity of SQL or out-of-date data warehouses.

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Live & Historical Visualizations

With Samsara, operators can take virtual readings from any sensor, anywhere, with live data pushed seamlessly to the web. With unlimited data storage included, Samsara provides fine-grained historical data with beautiful graphs, fast retrieval, and easy-access historical reports.

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Real-Time Alerting

Minimize loss and downtime with real-time alerts. Configurable in just a few clicks, Samsara sends notifications by SMS or email instantly when a critical condition arises - from equipment failure to a refrigerator door being left open - enabling operators to take immediate action to prevent loss and avoid downtime.

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Deep Analytics

Samsara helps operators glean insights from massive volumes of data, automatically summarizing the data, revealing trends, and detecting anomalies. Utilize analytics to perform predictive maintenance, conserve energy, improve utilization, and identify operational savings.

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Mobile Apps

Samsara’s native iOS app makes it easy to view sensor data from virtually anywhere in the world, checking in on remote assets from the convenience of a smartphone or tablet. The Samsara app also provides intuitive configuration tools, simplifying deployment of Samsara hardware in field environments where a laptop computer would be unwieldy.

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Open APIs

Open APIs make it easy to integrate real-time sensor data into external applications and workflows. From integrating Samsara data into external BI and ERP systems to building custom applications and workflows, Samsara can bring plug-and-play IoT to any application.

API documentation
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