Machine Vision System

Samsara’s VS2 machine vision system combines next-generation processing power with built-in cloud connectivity and reporting to reduce production defects and enable faster, easier, more reliable quality management and increased productivity.

Industrial Controllers

Built on an open platform and managed by Samsara’s secure web-based dashboard, the IG-family provides visibility into operational data within minutes of connecting any asset. Once connected, built-in cloud analytics and control make it easy to measure key operating metrics and optimize performance across sites.


Samsara's HMIs make it easy to provide local operators with real-time status and control of production systems when paired with any IG industrial controller.

Environmental Monitors

Samsara’s environmental monitors capture temperature and humidity data with real-time, zero-configuration wireless connectivity. Data-logging, waterproofing, and high-precision sensors make EM-series monitors ideal for quality control, loss prevention, and compliance monitoring in fixed and mobile environments.

Machine Health Monitors

HM-series machine health monitors track vibration and surface temperature for real-time visibility of the health of critical equipment including motors, compressors, pumps, fans, etc. Wireless, ruggedized sensors with industry-leading battery life and zero-configuration connectivity can be deployed in minutes, helping operators improve machine performance and reduce unplanned downtime.

Power Monitors

Samsara captures fine-grained electrical power usage to analyze consumption, measure efficiency, and reduce operating cost. PMs are ideal for instrumenting pumps, compressors, motors, and other power-intensive equipment.


Power Monitor for Single Phase Circuits

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Power Monitor for Three Phase Circuits

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