External Multi-Camera

External Multi-Camera

The CM25-E external multi-camera records high definition video footage outside of vehicles, enabling fleets to eliminate blind spots, review sideswiping accidents & monitor loading/unloading.

List price: $249 plus $180 annual license (all-inclusive license includes maintenance, support, cloud software, and cellular data, if applicable. Volume purchase and multi-year license term discounts available.)*

High Definition Side and Rear Video

The CM25 captures smooth, high-definition video for 360ยบ visibility outside and around any vehicle, enabling operators to clearly see events of interest, such as sideswiping events or blindspots.

Cloud-Connected with On-Demand Video Review

The CM25 is cloud-connected and supports on-demand video review. Operators never have to manually retrieve an SD card from a vehicle. Video can be requested online and reviewed within minutes.


Still Images
Still images captured every 2 minutes while vehicle is in motion.
Video Retrieval
Over-the-air video retrieval available on-demand for all footage stored on video recorder. Typically up to 30 days of driving time (varies depending on number of cameras connected to one video recorder).

*List pricing based on Samsara Enterprise license with 36-month pre-paid term. Other license options available, contact us for details