Wireless Environmental Monitor

Wireless Environmental Monitor

The EM11 environmental monitor is a datalogging wireless monitor capturing temperature, humidity, and shock.

List price: $99 plus $5/mo license (all-inclusive license includes maintenance, support, cloud software, and cellular data, if applicable. Volume purchase and multi-year license term discounts available.)

Monitor Temperature, Humidity, and Shock

Samsara environmental monitors include precise temperature, humidity, and shock sensors in a compact and integrated package, making them ideal for a variety of environmental and asset monitoring applications from food and drug safety to life sciences and protecting high-value goods.

All-Wireless Design with Multi-Year Battery

Samsara environmental monitors use state of the art low-power circuitry and RF communication, enabling them to transmit sensor data wirelessly, in real time, with a compact battery that lasts over three years. An all-wireless design facilitates use in distributed and mobile environments, from the inside of a refrigerated vehicle to walk-in freezers and even inside packaged goods.

Real-Time and Datalogging Capture

When in wireless range of a Samsara IoT Gateway, EMs transmit sensor data in real time, providing operators with a live view of all of their connected assets. For the times when a gateway is not available, e.g. when an asset is handled by a third party, EMs log sensor data to on-board storage, uploading the historical data when a gateway connection is established.

Scales from Small Operations to Thousands of Assets

Compact, affordable, and easy to use, Samsara EMs can quickly bring visibility to small operations without IT or engineering complexity. Yet Samsara's scalable cloud infrastructure and enterprise-grade security make the EM an ideal solution for monitoring large-scale operations.

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Features and Specifications

Included Sensors

Temperature (Ambient)

Range: -30 to 85 Degrees C (limited by operating range)


Range: 0-95% RH


Type: Tri-axial
Detects motion, free fall
Note: Software support will be added at a future date, available by seamless over-the-air firmware update. Contact Samsara sales for details.

Wireless Connectivity

Wireless connectivity to Samsara GW and GV series gateways

Real-time: Delivers new data within seconds
Auto-discovery: Automatically detects and connects to any gateway associated with the same account
Typical range: 100' (line of site) to 25' (dense industrial environment). Actual range depends on RF interference, building materials, and physical obstacles.

Data Logging

Built-in storage logs data when gateway connectivity is unavailable

Storage capacity: 1 month
Data upload: Automatic (zero-touch) wireless data upload via Samsara gateways


3 year battery life


Requires EM license (list price $5/mo). License includes maintenance and support, full online dashboard access, mobile app access, unlimited sensor data storage, monthly feature updates, and continuous cellular connectivity via Samsara gateway. Automatic discounts available with extended license term.