Vehicle IoT Gateway

Vehicle IoT Gateway

The VG33 Vehicle IoT Gateway is an advanced GPS tracker and sensor platform, providing fleet operators with real-time visibility and business-relevant reports that lower cost and increase productivity.

List price: $99 plus $400 annual license (all-inclusive license includes maintenance, support, cloud software, and cellular data, if applicable. Volume purchase and multi-year license term discounts available.)

Advanced GPS location technology for real-time visibility

Samsara's advanced GPS technology simultaneously reads from multiple independent satellite systems, providing precise, real-time location even in challenging geographical environments.

Provides complete visibility over vehicles, drivers, and operations

The VG33 integrates information from many different sensors, providing a comprehensive and intuitive view of your fleet. The VG33 monitors engine diagnostics, fuel efficiency, driver productivity, and safety. The VG33 is ideal for refrigerated fleets, supporting wireless temperature monitoring, and industrial fleets with visibility into power takeoff, lift arm, plows, sweepers, fluid tanks, gas pressure, and more.

Easy to install, secured with active tamper detection

With a flexible and intuitive mounting system, smart diagnostics connectors, and internal antennas, the VG33 installs in most vehicles in just a few minutes. Discreet mounting options minimize risk of tampering, and a built-in, rechargeable battery enables the VG33 to send a wireless alert in the event that it is unplugged from the vehicle.

Rugged, flexible device works in almost any vehicle

The VG33 is equally at home in cars and light trucks, tractor trailers, and heavy duty, industrial, or specialized vehicles. With a rugged design tested for vibration, shock, moisture, and extreme temperatures, the VG33 is built for reliable performance under the rigors of industrial fleet operations.

Part of a complete, business-relevant solution

The VG33 is part of Samsara's complete solution to provide visibility into vehicles, drivers, cargo, mobile assets, energy, and industrial processes. With the VG33, operators can improve driver safety, analyze route performance, simplify reporting and compliance, increase driver productivity, and lower operating cost.

Vehicle IoT Gateway Download Datasheet

Features and Specifications

Data Inputs

CAN Bus / Diagnostics Interface
OBD II (cars, light trucks)
J1939 (heavy trucks)
Advanced positioning system simultaneously reads from multiple independent satellite systems including the GPS (American), Galileo (European Union), GLONASS (Russian), and BeiDou (Chinese) global navigation satellite systems.
Internal antenna for discreet installation. Optional external antenna available for specialized applications.
Industry leading -167 dBm navigation sensitivity
1 second time to fix (hot start)
Wireless Sensors
Works seamlessly with Samsara EM-series wireless temperature sensors for monitoring refrigerated fleets and temperature-sensitive cargo
Monitors 3rd party industrial sensors via Samsara IM-series wireless input modules, giving visibility into specialized cargo
Supports up to 4 concurrent wireless sensors per gateway
Typical wireless sensor range: 100' (line of site) to 15' (through dense materials). Actual range depends on RF interference and physical obstructions.
Auxiliary Inputs
2 x auxiliary inputs (discrete voltage) are ideal for monitoring status of specialized equipment, e.g. snow plow up / down, power takeoff on / off, lift arm in / out, etc.
Maximum voltage 30V, Vih 2.2V, Vil 0.8V

Internet Connectivity

Continuous 3G cellular connectivity
Global coverage, works in over 150 countries
GSM/GPRS/EDGE: Quad band 850/900/1800/1900MHz
UMTS/HSPA+: Five band 800/850/900/1900/2100MHz
Optimized for remote areas with weak signals
Data Security
All Internet connectivity secured via SSL with 256-bit AES encryption (encryption standard for sensitive data including military and financial applications)

Data Transmission and Storage

Real-Time Connectivity
Streams sensor data to the Samsara Cloud in real time
Built-in Storage for Offline Logging
Sensor data stored in built-in flash memory when Internet connectivity is unavailable
High-capacity flash memory stores tens of millions of sensor data points


Power Efficiency
Low power consumption: 1W typical power draw when vehicle is in use, 100 mW when vehicle is idle
12V-48V DC input power
Built-in battery for active tamper detection sends alert (via Samsara Cloud) if gateway is unplugged or power is interrupted
Flexible accessory adapters available for diagnostics cable harnesses and direct (non-diagnostic) wiring


J1939 heavy-duty diagnostics harness, quick-install
J1939 heavy-duty diagnostics harness with type 1 Y-splitting cable
J1939 heavy-duty diagnostics harness with type 2 Y-splitting cable
Direct-wire non-diagnostic power cable
OBD II (J1962) light-duty diagnostics harness, quick-install
OBD II (J1962) light-duty diagnostics harness with type 1 Y-splitting cable
OBD II (J1962) light-duty diagnostics harness with type 2 Y-splitting cable
External GPS antenna


Requires VG license. License includes support, online dashboard access, cloud-hosted data storage, monthly feature updates, and continuous cellular connectivity via Samsara gateway.