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How to Make a Smooth Transition from AOBRD to ELD

Learn how to prepare your fleet for a comfortable transition from AOBRDs to ELDs ahead of the compliance deadline.

My team has been very excited about the support they’ve had. Compared to older ELD systems who’ve had long wait times and bad information, one of the best things about Samsara is that they get good support.”

Shaun Leone
President, Sunburst Truck Lines

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AOBRD vs. ELD: What You Need to Know to Make the Switch

If your fleet currently uses AOBRDs for Hours of Service (HOS), the countdown is on until a full transition to ELDs becomes mandatory for compliance. Even tricky transition elements—like new hardware installation or updated driver workflows—can be managed with the right plan of attack. Forward-thinking fleets can take this mandated transition as an opportunity to upgrade older systems, increase technology ROI, and improve overall fleet efficiency.

Understand the changes with ELDs

The fundamentals of AOBRD and ELD systems are very similar: drivers need to provide e-logs to prove HOS compliance. However, the ELD mandate included several small but impactful changes that are important for your team to understand in order to stay compliant. Learn what you need to keep in mind when evaluating the right system for your team before building an implementation plan.

Follow best practices for implementation

Investing the time and energy upfront to build an implementation strategy that works for your fleet will lead to measurable payoffs in fleet efficiency and compliance. To ensure a seamless rollout, keep the following in mind when implementing your ELD solution.

Train your team effectively

Ensuring that your whole team feels confident in their ability to comply with the new regulations using a new system will make the overall transition much more seamless. Consider these steps when implementing a new training program.

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