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8 Keys to Excellence in Customer Service

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Learn how you can increase customer satisfaction, with tips from the award-winning fleet management team at Windy City Limousine—one of the fastest-growing ground transportation companies in the country.

The tolerance for waiting has changed. We have to invest in tools that will give instant information to our customers.”

Jerold Bean
VP of Meetings & Events, Windy City Limousine

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Learn how to delight your customers from pickup to dropoff

In today’s day and age, excellent customer service is the key to winning new business and keeping the loyalty of your existing customers. Download this in-depth guide to see how you can increase customer satisfaction through:

  • Chauffeur training
  • Fleet safety management
  • Communicating live ETAs to customers
  • Anticipating passenger needs
  • Preventative vehicle maintenance
  • Chauffeur engagement and retention
  • New technology, like real-time telematics

Learn how Chicago’s largest ground transportation company keeps their customers happy

With more than 300 vehicles on the road—from SUVs to limousines and motorcoaches—Windy City Limousine is the largest ground transportation provider in Chicago and one of the fastest-growing ground transportation companies in the country. Named the Best Transportation Provider by Illinois Meetings + Events magazine for 10 out of the last 11 years, Windy City knows what sets world-class customer service apart.

Windy City recently partnered with Samsara to outfit their 350-vehicle fleet with real-time GPS tracking and connected dash cams. By partnering with Samsara, they were able to reduce their dispatch call volume by 30%—ultimately unlocking more than 100 labor hours per week to reinvest in customer service.

Download this in-depth guide to learn how Windy City was able to boost their customer service by investing in new technology. You’ll see what tactics they’ve found to be most effective for managing fleet safety, communicating live ETAs to customers, and anticipating passenger needs—as well as best practices for preventative maintenance and driver retention.

Must-read for any passenger transit fleet considering real-time GPS tracking

Great customer service is an essential component of any successful business, but it’s particularly important for fleets working in passenger transit. With the rise of online ridesharing apps, today’s passengers expect faster pickups, better service, and newer technology in return for their loyalty.

In this guide, see how Windy City unlocked a “game changer” with real-time GPS tracking. No matter your fleet size, you’ll see how a comprehensive fleet management solution with real-time GPS fleet tracking can help:

  • Improve driver safety: Data from a telematics solution and footage from connected dash cams can help increase fleet safety and improve driver behavior, leading to fewer customer complaints.

  • Make dispatch faster: Real-time vehicle tracking makes it possible to get a holistic view of where all of your fleet vehicles are at any given time, decreasing dispatch and wait times.

  • Enable better customer support: A real-time telematics solution can help enable your support team, giving them the data they need to answer customer questions faster and more accurately.

  • Increase vehicle uptime: Real-time alerts for critical fault codes and scheduled alerts for preventative maintenance can help reduce vehicle downtime and unexpected issues on the road.

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If you manage a passenger transit fleet, this free guide is a great resource. Download now to get our top eight tips for achieving excellence in customer service.

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