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Savings: Samsara Express

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    Did you know?

    Samsara gateways include a built-in WiFi hotspot, enabling drivers to connect their laptops and tablets to the Internet.

    Samsara Express includes 200 MB of monthly data at no additional charge - enough for hours of service logs, navigation, work order management, email, etc. This feature provides the value of a stand-alone cellular data plan costing $20 / mo.

    Cellular $0
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    Did you know?

    U.S. Dept of Energy studies show that one hour of engine idling can waste nearly a full gallon of gas.

    Samsara provides real-time alerts to detect and avoid unnecessary idling, and historical reports showing which drivers are idling excessively.

    Idle $0
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    Did you know?

    According to the U.S. EPA, inefficient routes and speeding can significantly impact fuel economy, by upto 33%.

    Samsara provides rich visibility to enable fleets to promote safe, fuel-efficient driving behavior and correct unsafe or inefficient driving.

    Mileage $0
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    Did you know?

    Samsara provides an in-depth analytics dashboard with tools for routing and dispatching.

    This helps fleet managers make better decisions when assigning drivers, enabling them to complete more jobs in the same amount of time.

    Driver Productivity $0
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    Did you know?

    Accenture, the global consulting firm, estimates that optimizing maintenance and repair practices can save a fleet 10% - 20%.

    Samsara provides rich engine diagnostics and centralized visibility of engine faults to help fleets reduce unnecessary servicing, preventing breakdowns and increase utilization.

    Maintenance $0
  • Cash Saved $0

Savings: Samsara Dash Cams

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    Did you know?

    Samsara dash cameras provide web-based, high-definition videos of critical events.

    These help identify and coach unsafe drivers, and exonerate employees after accidents, thereby lowering insurance premiums and claims costs.

    Safety $0