ROI Calculator - Trailers

  • Investment Details

    Dry-van trailers
    • Hardware $298
    • Annual license $180
    Refrigerated trailers
    • Hardware $498
    • Annual license $180
  • Additional Details

    Fleet Details
    • Number of terminals/yards
    • Doors per dry-van
    • Doors per reefer
    • Cargo zones per dry-van
    • Cargo zones per reefer
    Depreciation/leasing costs
    • Monthly dry-van cost
    • Monthly reefer cost
    • Average detention fee
    • Improved detention fee collection
    • Average detention per trailer
    • Stolen/tampered loads
    • Average load value
    • Theft deterred by Samsara
    • Excess capacity reduction
    • Lost trailers in fleet
    Labor Cost
    • Average hourly wage
    • Driver fee per mile
    • Average driver speed
    • Time spent on yard walks
    • Driver time searching yards
    • Time hunting for lost trailers
    Additional Reefer Costs
    • Average fuel price
    • Unnecessary cooling hours
    • Fuel consumption
    • Rejected shipments and failures
    • Rejected shipments deterred
    • Unscheduled repair time
    • FSMA temperature logging

    Define discounted prices for Samsara investment below.

    • Dry-van Hardware
    • Hardware
    • Annual license
    • Reefer Hardware
    • Hardware
    • Annual license
Time Horizon


Operational Savings
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    Did you know?

    By measuring excess capacity and improving trailer operations, Samsara reduces the asset pool buffer required to support customer loads.

    Idle trailer costs $0
  • i

    Did you know?

    By maintaining an accurate inventory and location of your entire asset fleet, prevent searching and paying for lost assets every year

    Lost trailer costs $0
  • i

    Did you know?

    A major study on detention fees found that only 3% of carriers are able to collect detention fees.

    By providing evidence about dock detention for claims, Samsara helps improve collection of detention fees.

    Detention fees $0
  • i

    Did you know?

    By detecting unauthorized movement, entry, and cargo changes, Samsara reduces the number of lost/stolen loads per year and helps law enforcement recover stolen goods leading to meaningful cost savings.

    Theft prevention $0
Labor Savings
  • i

    Did you know?

    Yard management is often a manual process with clipboards and long checklists. Samsara uses trailer-specific GPS data to automate inventory reports, which can lead to up to 100% savings in time spent tracking inventory and conducting yard searches.

    Yard labor $0
  • i

    Did you know?

    According to ATRI, the trucking industry’s leading research institute, driver shortage is the trucking industry’s #1 concern. By reducing the amount of time that drivers spend searching for trailers, Samsara increases driver efficiency and reduces driver stress.

    Search labor $0
Reefer Savings
  • i

    Did you know?

    According to ATRI, fuel costs are the largest expense for fleets. By allowing users to turn off reefers remotely, Samsara reduces the cost of fuel spent on unnecessary reefer cooling (i.e. when the reefer is accidentally on or empty).

    Fuel costs $0
  • i

    Did you know?

    By sending real-time alerts about reefer temperature and tracking temperature data in proof-of-delivery (POD) documents, Samsara prevents food spoilage and ensures that food deliveries are not rejected.

    Lost/spoiled cargo $0
  • i

    Did you know?

    Accenture, the global consulting firm, estimates that optimizing maintenance and repair costs can lead to 10-20% savings.

    By scheduling reefer maintenance in advance, Samsara can provide up to 20% reduction in unforeseen reefer failure, which can be recovered as productive driving hours.

    Unscheduled downtime $0
  • i

    Did you know?

    By automatically logging temperature, Samsara can provide a 50% reduction in labor hours for temperature compliance, tracking and paperwork related to FSMA.

    FSMA compliance $0


  • Total Investment $0
  • Total Savings $0

  • Net Savings $0
  • Payback Term (months) 0
  • Return on Investment 0%