Phone Support at No Extra Cost

Samsara’s simple pricing model includes live phone support for all customers. From initial setup and configuration assistance to ongoing consultations and troubleshooting, Samsara’s support team is dedicated to ensuring the best product experience for all customers, without hidden restrictions or fees.

Real-Time Support Tools

Samsara’s real-time, cloud-based technology architecture enables a seamless support experience. With secure, web-based tools at their disposal, Samsara support engineers have unprecedented visibility into diagnostic information, extending “virtual hands” to troubleshoot remote or distributed installations.

Expert Support Staff Based in California

Samsara’s support staff has deep expertise in the foundations of industrial IoT - cloud software, wireless networking, sensors, and industrial systems. Samsara support staff sits alongside Samsara’s R&D team, accelerating issue resolution and providing immediate feedback from the field into product development.

A Solution Designed to Simply Work

Samsara is designed to simplify installation, administration, and ongoing maintenance, resulting in faster deployments and fewer support incidents. Cloud software is continually updated with new features, fixes, and patches, so customers do not bear the burden of system and server maintenance. Seamless over-the-air firmware updates keep hardware deployed in the field, including sensors and gateways, secure and up to date. Highly available cloud software includes automatic replication, redundancy, and backups, with no administrative burden on the customer. And Samsara’s self-provisioning hardware and intuitive user interface are designed for ease of use without specialized training or dedicated staff.