Reap the full economic and sustainability benefits of electrification

Get over EV adoption hurdles with the Samsara Fleet Management Platform

Real-time Charging Status & Alerts

Combat charge anxiety with complete visibility into your vehicle’s state-of-charge, battery charge, and charge status. Get alerted when vehicles are running low on battery.

EV Route Planning

Optimize your EV fleet with map overlays and real-time visibility into fuel and energy levels and nearby charging stations. Ensure that dispatched vehicles have enough battery charge to get the job done.

Fuel & Energy Usage Report

Dig into your fleet performance. Whether you have fuel vehicles, electric, or plug-in hybrids that can run on fuel - ensure they’re being used effectively and getting the most mile per gallon, MPGes and meeting your carbon emission goals, across your entire fleet.

EV Charging Report

Save money by taking control of your fleet charging patterns. With energy costs changing on an hourly basis, charging your fleet at the right time could mean more cost savings.

With the visibility Samsara provides into our EVs, we can ensure that drivers are efficiently charging their vehicles and we can actualize the benefits of going electric.”

Gary Bauer

EV Utilization History

Evaluate your EV activity and performance. Optimize energy usage, charge time, charging locations, and better plan your fleet’s charging cycles.

Accelerate Your Fleet Electrification

EV monitoring available for popular EV and PHEV models

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