With Samsara we’re able to identify fuel usage, speeding, harsh events, and power take-off. There are so many things we can capture in one system.”

Sandy Leonard   Program Manager of Fleet Services, City of Fort Lauderdale

Top Fleet Award: Above and Beyond

FROM WATER TREATMENT TO ROAD MAINTENANCE TO POLICE AND FIRE the City of Fort Lauderdale strives to ensure its citizens get the services they’ve come to expect, while also preparing for what the future holds.

“A connected city brings all the pieces together,” said Chris Lagerbloom, City Manager. Serving over 180,000 residents and millions of visitors each year, the City of Fort Lauderdale uses fleet management as an opportunity to do just that.

With the complete fleet visibility and robust reporting provided by Samsara's sensors and software, the team is able to improve city services and communication with residents, reduce fuel consumption, and decrease fleet downtime.

9 Tips for Running a Government Fleet to Best Serve Citizen Needs

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Download this guide to learn how the City of Fort Lauderdale achieved a 5% reduction in fuel consumption and a 28% reduction in vehicle downtime, all while keeping citizens happy.

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Samsara gives us better metrics on when we’re actually providing the service that we’re intending to provide.”

Dr. Nancy Gassman   Assistant Director of Public Works, Sustainability, City of Fort Lauderdale


The City of Fort Lauderdale partners with Samsara to keep the city fleet safer and more efficient, all while keeping citizens happy.