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Samsara Expands to Poland—Here’s Why You Should Join Us

February 3, 2023

Rick Carragher
Rick Carragher

VP of Engineering


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At Samsara, we’re on a mission to make the world of physical operations—those that operate in industries like transportation, field services, warehousing, and more—safer, more efficient, and more sustainable. Today marks an exciting phase in Samsara’s growth as we expand into Poland and open an office in Warsaw later this year. 

We need today’s (and tomorrow’s) most talented engineers to continue innovating for our customers. Poland has an amazing pool of English-speaking tech talent backed by a system of world-class universities. We plan to grow our Poland team each year to become our top development center outside the U.S.

In our current economy, there’s a pressing need for Samsara’s solutions focused on reducing energy consumption and improving operational efficiency and safety. By adding our Poland technology center, we are excited to continue Samsara’s impressive growth (63% revenue growth year-over-year and 15,000 global core customers). Like all Samsara employees, our Poland team can choose to be fully remote. We will have a physical office in Warsaw, but coming into the office is entirely optional. If you see yourself at Samsara, we encourage you to apply today!

Telematics: Come shape one of our core products

The Poland engineering team will focus on building Samsara’s fleet telematics, one of our core products. Telematics harnesses the latest in IoT technology to give companies unprecedented, real-time visibility into their fleet's health, including geolocation data, fuel usage, vehicle diagnostic information, and more. We do this all at scale: over 2 million Samsara devices connect over 500,000 vehicles and other assets, like trailers and industrial equipment. Data is at the heart of what we do at Samsara. We process over 4.6 trillion sensor data points annually—delivering world-class insights to our customers. We’re just getting started as we add new customers, vehicles, drives, and features every day.

Trucks on loading freight

This team will help our customers operate more safely, efficiently, and sustainably with features like route optimization, fleet maintenance alerts, and automated workflows. For example, one customer leveraging Samsara’s Vehicle Idling Detection reduced idling by 35%, enabling them to save an estimated 205,000 gallons of fuel. Our customers can also improve driver safety by ensuring they comply with local regulations and manage their rest breaks and the total amount of time they drive. These are just a few ways the Telematics team helps our customers save costs and even lives.

Our engineers in Poland will collaborate with hardware, firmware, and ML teams and work on a wide range of technologies, including Golang, GraphQL, React, ReactNative, and AWS. 

Engineering culture at Samsara 

We’ve invested in making our experience for engineers consistent and collaborative, no matter where they are. In Poland, this engineering culture will continue to be core to how we operate. Five core values shape how we work together:

  1. Focus on customer success

  2. Build for the long term

  3. Adopt a growth mindset

  4. Be inclusive

  5. Win as a team

In addition to these values, we aim to build teams that stay productive and nimble as our company grows. For example, we’ve set aside a few “Hacksara” days each quarter, where we explore new ideas or experiment with a new algorithm or technology. Creativity and discovery are always valued here—that’s how we develop innovations that better serve our customers.

There couldn’t be a better time to join

Physical operations represent over 40% of global GDP. Leading the digital transformation of these industries represents an enormous opportunity, affirmed by the backing Samsara has from top Silicon Valley investors like Andreessen Horowitz and our IPO in 2021.

While our work here is challenging, it’s also rewarding. Our engineers have the freedom and support to find innovative solutions to difficult problems, allowing them to learn and apply technologies in new ways. That’s why we take a holistic approach to find talent. While knowledge of Golang and React is useful, solid tech fundamentals are much more important to us. Instead of hiring someone only because they have experience in one programming language, or a particular database or cloud provider, we want someone curious and eager to develop new skills. You’ll have the opportunity to grow at Samsara and learn what you need to know to start solving our gnarliest technical problems.

We’ve already made a big impact on the efficiency, safety, and sustainability of physical operations worldwide, but our work has only just begun. To join our team in Poland, visit our Careers Page.


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