How to Build Your Electrification Strategy

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Learn how to use your fleet data to build a business case and get leadership buy-in so that your organization can capture the biggest benefits from electric vehicles.

The data and visuals from Samsara help us make a more educated decision when it comes to fleet electrification.

Sandy Leonard
Program Manager, Fleet Services, City of Fort Lauderdale
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Jumpstart your electrification strategy

While crafting your electrification plan, it’s important to understand all of the benefits—whether environmental or financial—that EVs provide so that you can capture the greatest return on your investment and reach your sustainability goals. Download this free in-depth guide to learn how to build your electrification strategy from the ground up. In this guide, you’ll learn how to:

Determine electrification suitability

The first step in crafting your electrification strategy is determining which vehicles are the best candidates for electrification. To do this, you need access to critical fleet data such as vehicle type and class, lifetime usage, daily maximum range, and average fuel economy.

Build an electrification business case with your fleet data

Once you have the data you need to determine electric car suitability, you can begin building the EV business case for your fleet. Not only will this step help you down the road when you’re getting leadership buy-in but building a business case will help ensure the success of your electric vehicles on the road.

During this step, it's important to understand how zero emission vehicles align to your organization's goals. Additionally, you need to take EV charging station infrastructure into consideration along with automaker model availability, and total cost of ownership estimates. Without a solid understanding of EV charger availability and your local charging network you may encounter issues later on.

Get leadership buy-in

Once you’ve built the business case for EVs, the next step in your electrification strategy is to get executive and leadership buy-in. Considerations such as EV charging infrastructure, total cost of ownership, and electric vehicle access are important to evaluate and make clear to your leadership team so that they can help you make the best decisions for your fleet.

Manage your electric vehicle fleet with Samsara

After you’ve made the business case, secured leadership buy-in, and invested in electric vehicles, the next step is learning how to manage your new electric vehicle fleet. With the Samsara fleet management platform, you can take advantage of dashboards, mobile apps, and alerts to maximize the efficiency of your EV fleet.

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