I truly believe we are a safer company today through our team’s engagement with Samsara. It’s not only improving our operating efficiency and saving us money, but also deeply engaging our employees in improving safety.”

Michael Leathers   VP of Administration, Dohrn Transfer Company

Top Fleet Award: Safest Fleet

SAFETY HAS ALWAYS BEEN A CORE VALUE for Dohrn Transfer Company, a family-owned LTL carrier based in Illinois.

“Safety is our number one value,” said Troy Winthurst, Director of Safety at Dohrn. “We strive every day to have safe facilities, safe vehicles, and provide the best safety tools available so our employees can come home every night to their families.”

After nearly 100 years of operating, Dohrn has learned a trick or two about how to build a world-class safety program. By using Samsara’s dash cams and software, Dohrn achieved an 88% reduction in harsh events and 35% reduction in hours over the speed limit in just 12 months — all while improving driver retention in a highly competitive market.

8 Actionable Tips for Improving Fleet Safety

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Since we started working with Samsara, we have a clearer, more holistic view of safety. We have more data. We’re able to give feedback to our drivers faster and more accurately. We use that information to make better decisions and to show how much safety is improving at Dohrn."

Robert Howard   COO, Dohrn Transfer Company


Samsara enables Dohrn Transfer Company to turn safety goals into tangible results.