Benefits & Features

Internet-Connected Dash Cam Designed to Improve Fleet Safety

CM-series dash cameras provide web-based, high-definition video of critical events to coach unsafe drivers, exonerate employees,
and lower fleet operating costs

Prevents Accidents

Video-based driver coaching reduces risky behavior by up to 50%, and helps keep consistently unsafe drivers out of your fleet

Exonerates Drivers

Video evidence exonerates employees after accidents and false complaints, lowering insurance premiums and accelerating claim payouts

Affordable and Easy to Use

Advanced wireless and video technologies enable a modern, scalable solution at half the cost of traditional cellular dash cam systems

How It Works

A Single System for Video, E-Logs, GPS, and Sensors

Dash cam, GPS tracking, ELD-ready hours of service, and sensor data are combined into a single platfom,
improving efficiency and lowering operating cost

High-definition (1080p) videos are automatically uploaded to a centralized, web-based dashboard

Videos of accidents, near-misses, and dangerous driving reveal critical details

On-demand remote video retrieval puts managers in a virtual drivers' seat

Periodic image captures bring new insights into GPS tracking, real-time visibility, and historic trip reporting

Part of a complete fleet safety solution with driver ranking, speeding, harsh driving, and Hours of Service

Installs in Minutes
  • Simple mounting, complete installation in under 15 minutes
  • Plugs into your Samsara GPS-tracking gateway - no complex electrical wiring
  • Zero-configuration - no WiFi, storage systems, or other IT setup required

dash cam installs in minutes

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