Benefits & Features

Promote Fleet Safety and Reduce Costs

Driver- and outward-facing HD dash cams provide video of critical events to coach drivers, exonerate employees, and lower accident-related costs

Prevents Accidents

Video-based reporting, real-time audio safety coaching, and driver scorecards help identify distracted driving and keep unsafe drivers out of your fleet

Exonerates Drivers

Video evidence exonerates employees after accidents and false complaints, lowering insurance premiums and accelerating claim payouts

Affordable and Easy to Use

Advanced wireless and video technologies enable a modern, web-based solution at half the cost of traditional cellular dash cam systems

Captures driver and outward facing video
Built-in audio speaker
Infrared in-cab capture
Captures outward facing video
Built-in audio speaker
How It Works

An Integrated System of
Video-Based Safety Reporting

Witness accidents, near misses, and distracted driving with high definition videos

Respond quickly to incidents and complaints with easy search by location/timeframe paired with on-demand remote video retrieval

Identify repeat offenders with individualized safety scorecards

Exonerate innocent drivers and accelerate insurance claim payments

The Samsara Driver App applies elements of game design, such as driver leaderboards to promote safer behavior and enable rewards-based safety programs

Promote safe driving

Identify distracted or drowsy driving with an inward-facing camera, including infrared for nighttime use

Flag dangerous driving for follow-up with an intuitive system for incident review

Gain new insights in GPS tracking and trip reporting with continuous capture of still images

Warn drivers of speeding, harsh driving, and unbuckled seat belts with voice coaching from a built-in audio speaker

Installs in Minutes
  • Simple mounting, complete installation in under 15 minutes
  • Plugs into your Samsara GPS-tracking gateway - no complex electrical wiring
  • Zero-configuration - no WiFi, storage systems, or other IT setup required

dash cam installs in minutes

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