An Advanced Fleet Safety Solution with Artificial Intelligence & Computer Vision

Samsara Internet-connected Dash Cams and AI-driven reporting tools provide powerful insights that reduce collisions, keep drivers safe, and lower accident-related costs.

Prevent Accidents

Improve fleet safety using alerts, real-time incident detection, distracted driving tags, and coaching tools.

Protect Drivers

Keep drivers safe by rewarding good behavior and exonerating innocent employees against false claims.

Save Money

Lower accident-related costs and accelerate insurance payouts—all at half the cost of traditional dash cam systems.


A new vision for fleet safety

Watch how Samsara's Internet-connected dash cameras and AI keep your drivers safe and your fleets running smoothly.


  • Captures inward- and outward-facing video
  • Auto-uploads incident footage to the cloud
  • Audio speaker for in-cab alerts
  • Infrared LED for unlit in-cab recording
  • On-demand video for past 40 hrs of drive time
  • Captures outward-facing video
  • Auto-uploads incident footage to the cloud
  • Audio speaker for in-cab alerts
  • On-demand video for past 24 hrs of drive time

An Intelligent, Video-Based Safety Solution

Complete Visibility into Your Fleet’s Safety

Instantly review collisions, near-misses, and distracted driving with HD video footage that is automatically uploaded to the cloud.

Automatically Detect & Tag Distracted Driving

Using computer vision, Samsara reviews and tags distracted driving incidents, addressing one of the leading causes of preventable accidents.

Identify & Coach Risky Drivers

Driver safety scores, leaderboards, and video review make it easy to provide personalized feedback and coaching.

Exonerate innocent drivers

Defend your drivers and company against false claims and costly legal battles using video evidence.

Quickly Investigate Complaints & Incidents

Investigate whether or not your driver was at a location at a specific time, then request video to see the full story.

Reward Positive Behavior

Samsara’s Driver App applies elements of game design to promote safer behavior and enable rewards-based safety programs.

Promote safe driving

Install in Minutes for Immediate Results
  • Simple mounting for easy install
    in < 15 minutes
  • Plugs directly into Samsara Vehicle Gateway with no complex electrical wiring or IT configuration
  • Rapid payback

dash cam installs in minutes