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Maximize productivity and control costs with unparalleled visibility using Samsara’s Connected Operations Cloud.

Best-in-class vehicle and equipment telematics.



Optimize every asset in your fleet.

From vehicles and trailers to heavy equipment, gain the insight to optimize every asset that powers your operation.

To-the-second GPS tracking

Remote diagnostics and maintenance

Asset optimization and utilization

Comprehensive fuel and energy management

4.5% increase in fuel efficiency leading to $350k in annual fuel cost savings

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We use Samsara’s remote diagnostics everyday for a couple of hours to track mileage and to keep an eye on the health of older vehicles. Given today’s supply chain shortage, it’s huge to be able to extend the life of older vehicles through maintenance.”

Clark Bussell

Safety Manager, Bob’s Heating and Air Conditioning

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Cutting-edge technology to boost workforce efficiency.



Simplify day-to-day tasks for your workers, drivers, and managers.

Arm your workforce with easy-to-use tools and critical data insights to automate manual tasks and maximize productivity while reducing administrative costs.

Easy-to-use mobile apps

Customizable workflows

Digitized documents

Actionable alerts

10,000 hours and $300,000 saved per year in administrative costs

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It’s helpful to see where a driver is delayed, so we can send a different driver out for a new assignment. More knowledge creates efficiency, and with less guessing about timelines, we can get more done in a day.”

Ryan Pitzer

Terminal Dispatch Manager, Dohrn Transfer Company

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Integrated safety and security programs.


Unify your safety and security programs within a single pane of glass.

Gain full visibility into worksite and road incidents by consolidating your video data. Streamline incident reviews and ensure compliance of road and workplace safety protocols through Samsara’s AI Dash Cams and IP Site Cameras.

HD footage from vehicles and worksites

Streamlined incident review and investigation

Proactive coaching tools

Protection for existing camera investments

30+ minutes saved per incident investigation
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The team used to spend a lot of time sifting through video footage to investigate incidents, now it takes 30 seconds. Site Visibility saves so much time and frustration.”

Sateesh Donti

Chief Technology Officer, O'Neal Steel

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The most trusted open data platform.



Empower people, enrich applications, and propel your organization forward.

Reach new benchmarks in operational excellence with the largest ecosystem of turnkey integrations and open APIs. Unify your business with simpler workflows and connected applications, all on a flexible open platform.

Tools for developers

Community of developers

Robust ecosystem of partners

Expert integrators and implementers

$60,000 saved per year after integrating fuel cards with Samsara

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We chose Samsara for its simplicity, ease of use, and advanced technology. By integrating it with other systems, we were able to reduce stress, save time, and definitely increase productivity.”

Travis Weishaar

DOT and Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) Manager, American Cementing

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World class onboarding and training services.



Get up and running with Samsara, quickly and efficiently.

Gain access to a dedicated Customer Success lead to guide you through onboarding and implementation. Access live trainings and webinars, plus get support from our Customer Help Center and responsive 24/7 U.S.-based support team.

Dedicated in-house implementation services

Dynamic training solutions

Streamlined release cycles

U.S.-based 24/7 support

We accomplished more in three months than we did in three years with our previous provider.”


Manager of Strategic Vendor Management, Arcbest

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The Connected Operations Platform

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