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Introducing A Better Way To Dispatch

We’re pleased to release a massive update to Samsara Dispatch, which introduces faster dispatching of jobs, full visibility of jobs in progress, and accurate historical job records.

Samsara DVIR: Faster Issue Resolution & Fewer Breakdowns

Samsara DVIR simplifies the reporting process and eliminates all the paperwork for drivers and mechanics. Samsara’s electronic DVIR helps drivers efficiently complete inspections and share findings directly with mechanics, creating an efficient communication loop.

New Fleet Summary - Key Info At A Glance

Announcing the Fleet Summary Report, which shows a real-time overview of your entire fleet in just a click.

Introducing the Next Generation EM-Series Sensors

Introducing the new EM-series sensors - next generation ruggedized, wireless, Internet-connected sensors.

Introducing Samsara’s Preventive Maintenance

We're adding Preventive Maintenance to the Samsara fleet solution. It's built to ensure every vehicle is optimally serviced, reducing costs, and avoiding breakdowns.

3 Ways To Right-Size Your Fleet

Today's fleet managers are under increasing pressure to reduce costs, and trimming vehicle totals is the most impactful way. We highlight easy methods to increase vehicle utilization and run a more efficient fleet.

How To Eliminate Unauthorized Vehicle Use

Knowing how your vehicles are being used around the clock is important to reduce the risk of unauthorized use. Learn how to track vehicle location and driver, identify suspect usage, and be alerted when issues arise.

How to Build More Efficient Fleets with Geofence Alerts

Geofence alerts are incredibly valuable yet often underutilized technology in fleet management. Here are a few ways to use Geofence Alerts to build more efficient operations.

Introducing the Samsara Blog

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