Inform Sustainability Goals: Introducing the Samsara Fuel Efficiency Benchmarks Report

April 22, 2021


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Creating a more sustainable environment is increasingly a top business priority for many of our customers. The transportation sector alone releases more greenhouse gases than all residential energy consumption combined. Fleet operators have long wanted a way to understand just how efficient their vehicles are to make improvements but did not have the comprehensive data to do so.   

Today, as the world celebrates Earth Day, we’re excited to announce a solution to this critical challenge–the Fuel Efficiency Benchmarks Report. Reflecting Samsara’s commitment to increasing the safety, efficiency, and sustainability of the operations that power the global economy, this report helps fleets evaluate how their vehicles are performing across key efficiency metrics, so they can set informed goals that drive both environmental as well as financial gains.

With the data from this report, fleets can start making meaningful changes to their fuel and fleet decisions today, resulting in a bigger sustainability impact tomorrow.

Set fuel efficiency goals and reduce costs

The data contained in the Fuel Efficiency Benchmarks Report is crucial because fuel spend is the second-leading fixed expense for fleets. While fleets may have set goals to reduce fuel use, it can be challenging to know if you've set the right goals without the proper data to inform them. There are manufacturer-stated miles per gallon (MPG) targets, but those targets don’t always reflect reality. Furthermore, work, freight, and road conditions vary from organization to organization.  

In order to understand how your fleet is performing against key efficiency metrics, you must be able to benchmark within your own fleet and compare it against others that are similar. That’s where Samsara’s Fuel Efficiency Benchmarks Report comes in.

With this report, customers can:

  • Set and track fuel efficiency goals: visualize the opportunity for improvement, by comparing vehicle fuel usage to anonymized benchmark data aggregated from Samsara’s base of 20,000+ customers.

  • Reduce fuel costs: understand the average MPG for each vehicle’s make, model, and year (MMY) to identify which are running inefficiently and should be replaced.

Access anonymized insights from thousands of vehicles

Here is how it works: every year, Samsara's Connected Operations Platform aggregates and anonymizes trillions of data points to provide you with intelligent benchmarks, as compared to fleets comprised of a similar mix of vehicles (looking at make, model, and year). 

The Fuel Efficiency Benchmarks Report provides a dashboard that displays how your vehicles compare to other fleets with the same MMY in the “Least Efficient Vehicles” tab, helping you set and track goals across your organization.

least efficient fuel

You can also view “Average MPG by MMY,” which provides insight into which of your own vehicles are most efficient, in order to prioritize those that need to be replaced and inform future purchases.


Together, these insights will help you identify areas for improvement and set informed goals to deliver financial and sustainability benefits across your organization.

Lessen your impact today, while building for tomorrow 

At Samsara, we have long been committed to providing our customers with best-in-class products that help them reduce their environmental footprint. Together with our Fleet Electrification Report, which helps organizations identify which vehicles are most suited for electrification, Samsara’s Fuel Efficiency Benchmarks Report will help customers lessen their environmental impact today, while building towards the electric future of tomorrow.

The Fuel Efficiency Benchmarks Report is available now. Try it today to begin making meaningful progress on your fuel efficiency and sustainability goals.

  • If you’re already a Samsara customer, you can access the Fuel Efficiency Benchmarks Report in your Samsara dashboard. Go to the Fuel and Energy icon, then click the “Benchmarks” tab at the top of the report to see how your business is performing across key efficiency metrics.

  • If you’re not a Samsara customer yet and you’re interested in learning more about our solutions, get in touch with our team today to explore how our Fuel Efficiency Benchmarks Report can help your operation meet your goals.


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