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Customer Stories

Fames Transport
United States Postal Service mail contractor improves safety and operational efficiency of its 60 vehicle fleet using Samsara’s complete platform.
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Clover Dairy
How a 100-year old dairy uses Samsara to maximize customer satisfaction, while simultaneously finding cost and time savings.
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Cowgirl Creamery
Globally-recognized artisanal cheesemaker monitors production, aging, and distribution with Samsara’s wireless environment monitoring and fleet tracking platform.
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Construction materials startup Dauber builds their truck routing and billing tools on Samsara’s fleet management platform.
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Comal ISD
School district spanning five counties uses Samsara fleet tracking to ensure the on-time and safe performance of its fleet.
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Jake's Finer Foods
Food service distributor improves the visibility of their fleet and refrigerated trailers with Samsara’s fleet management platform.
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This system has completely revolutionized how we communicate with our drivers and our customers.
Ryan Callaway Dispatch, C&A Transportation
The Schwebel Baking Company
Regional producer of baked goods utilizes Samsara Routes feature and Time on Site Report to maximize driver productivity, improve operational efficiency, and boost customer satisfaction.
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City of Cocoa
The City of Cocoa Fleet Management Division increases operational efficiency and visibility of their 400-vehicle municipal fleet with Samsara's fleet management platform.
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J. Polep Distribution
Leading Massachusetts food distributor ensures food safety and quality with Samsara’s temperature monitoring for fleets.
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NECO Transport
International fuel distributor uses Samsara fleet tracking technology to improve the efficiency and safety of their fleet.
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Samsara has a compelling new technology.
Daryl Haga Director, Global Center of Excellence, Tyco International
The monitoring capabilities Samsara provides are essential to our operational environment.
Tim Ryan Technical Operations Manager, City College of San Francisco
Bellas Landscaping
Leading landscaping firm serving central Illinois streamlines operations with Samsara’s real-time fleet tracking solution.
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KWRL Transportation Co-op
Real-time fleet monitoring supplies visibility into where buses are at any given moment, allowing team to keep them on route and on time.
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Samsara allowed us to easily monitor and test operations in a way we couldn't have otherwise.
Steve Aman Head of Operations, Good Eggs
Samsara has provided a unique opportunity for us to gain greater visibility into our operations.
Hugh Roddy Head of Global Engineering, Chobani
Samsara was far more intuitive than other systems I've worked with.
Nathan Foorman Sr. Operations Manager, Stemcentrx
Acme Smoked Fish
The country’s largest smoked fish producer and distributor ensures food safety with Samsara’s real-time temperature monitoring for fleets.
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With Samsara we determined that running our rigs 100 RPMs slower saves us $480k a year in fuel expenses.
Rich Quade Operations Manager, Sam's Well Drilling
Samsara has made it very easy to evaluate my systems at a glance.
Laura Shimmin Sr. Member of Technical Staff, Blackpak, Inc.
Washington County Sheriff
Sheriff’s department covering 846 square miles gains instant visibility of their fleet and deputies with Samsara’s fleet management platform.
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I rest easier knowing that Samsara is monitoring our environment.
Steve Bartlett Technology Services Supervisor, Bremerton School District
Now that we have Samsara, I’m kicking myself for not getting it earlier. The fuel savings alone justify the cost of it.
Jake Lonergan Co-owner, Chesapeake Charter
I don’t have to dig through paperwork anymore. I can just look. I’m looking at where all my trucks are right now.
Randie Sears Operations Manager, Peed Family Associates
ULC Limos
Los Angeles' leading limousine company keeps customer service high with Samsara's real time fleet management.
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Samsara’s hardware was much easier to install and work with than other companies’ devices.
Loyd Krueger Environmental Health and Safety Manager, Polygon Group
Samsara ensures we’re 100% ELD compliant, it’s simple to use, and the drivers love it.
Bill Carragher CEO and owner, Local Motion of Boston
Samsara helps me convince others that I’m making the best decision possible with data straight from my vehicles.
Lisa Holcomb Krahl General Manager and Chief Safety Officer, ecoShuttle Charters & Tours