Camera Modules

CM-Series camera modules are ideal for vehicle fleets looking to improve safety and efficiency. Samsara CMs enable operators to reduce accident rates through proactive coaching, accelerate insurance claim processing, and gain visibility into operations. CM series modules integrate seamlessly with VG-series gateways for zero-touch video over the web.

Environmental Monitors

Samsara’s environmental monitors capture temperature and humidity data with real-time, zero-configuration wireless connectivity. Data-logging, waterproofing, and high-precision sensors make EM-series monitors ideal for quality control, loss prevention, and compliance monitoring in fixed and mobile environments.

Gateway Accessories

Samsara’s gateway accessories seamlessly integrate with Samsara IOT Gateways for added data and visibility. Automatic data-logging with high precision sensors and wireless configuration make Samsara’s door and cargo monitors easy-to-use and effective.

Machine Health Monitors

HM-series machine health monitors track vibration and surface temperature for real-time visibility of the health of critical equipment including motors, compressors, pumps, fans, etc. Wireless, ruggedized sensors with industry-leading battery life and zero-configuration connectivity can be deployed in minutes, helping operators improve machine performance and reduce unplanned downtime.

Input Modules

Seamlessly connect 3rd party industrial sensors into the Samsara cloud. Samsara’s Input Modules can provide standalone remote visibility for industrial sensors, or can sit alongside PLCs and RTUs to add rich cloud-based visibility to existing infrastructure. Samsara’s read-only design is isolated from control systems.

Power Monitors

Samsara captures fine-grained electrical power usage to analyze consumption, measure efficiency, and reduce operating cost. PMs are ideal for instrumenting pumps, compressors, motors, and other power-intensive equipment.


Power Monitor for Single Phase Circuits

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Power Monitor for Three Phase Circuits

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