IoT Gateways

Samsara IoT gateways securely connect sensor data and insights to the Samsara cloud. AG and VG models include WiFi and built-in cellular connectivity, storage, and flexible interfaces while SG models integrate with Samsara Site or 3rd party cameras to bring AI and intelligent monitoring to onsite security cameras.

Industrial Gateways

As the backbone of Samsara’s remote monitoring solution, our Industrial Gateways stream mission-critical data from industrial equipment directly to Samsara’s cloud-based platform, giving organizations the visibility they need to operate more efficiently, reduce downtime, and improve service.

Wireless I/O Modules

Samsara's wireless I/O modules pair with the IG41 Industrial Gateway and provide long-distance wireless connectivity to reduce the cost of wiring sensors and equipment in hard to reach places.

Environmental Monitors

Samsara’s environmental monitors capture temperature and humidity data with real-time, zero-configuration wireless connectivity. Data-logging, waterproofing, and high-precision sensors make EM-series monitors ideal for quality control, loss prevention, and compliance monitoring in fixed and mobile environments.

Machine Health Monitors

HM-series machine health monitors track vibration and surface temperature for real-time visibility of the health of critical equipment including motors, compressors, pumps, fans, etc. Wireless, ruggedized sensors with industry-leading battery life and zero-configuration connectivity can be deployed in minutes, helping operators improve machine performance and reduce unplanned downtime.


Samsara’s accessories seamlessly integrate with Samsara IOT Gateways and Camera Modules for added use, data, and visibility. Automatic data-logging with high precision sensors and wireless configuration make Samsara’s door and cargo monitors easy-to-use and effective.