Auxiliary Input Hub

Auxiliary Input Hub

The Auxiliary Input Hub is an accessory that enables customers to add up to 8 additional digital input lines by connecting to the USB port on the Samsara Vehicle Gateway.

List Price: $49 per unit. Requires Samsara Vehicle Gateway license. The Samsara Auxiliary Input Hub (ACC-AUX) device complies with Part 15 of the FCC rules.

8 additional auxiliary ports

The Auxiliary Input Hub provides 8 additional digital input lines to the Samsara Vehicle Gateway. This enables customers to record and visualize additional data from connected equipment, such as emergency lights and sirens, power take-off, crane booms, generators, and more. An additional common ground line is also included.

Customize input lines in the Samsara dashboard

The Samsara vehicle settings page enables you to customize these 8 auxiliary lines (along with the two native auxiliary ports on the Samsara Vehicle Gateway) according to your needs, making it easy to track a variety of equipment across your entire fleet.

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