OEM Telematics

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Choose how you connect

Select from an industry-leading suite of OEM integrations, a lineup of award-winning telematics hardware, or build your own solution via our open API. However you connect, our open platform lets you manage all your assets from one pane of glass.


OEM integrations

Integrated solutions with industry-leading manufacturers

Samsara joins forces with top manufacturers to help fleets harness the power of embedded telematics over the cloud to streamline mixed fleet management on one integrated platform.

Samsara joins forces with top manufacturers

Streamline fleet operations with powerful platform architecture

Streamline fleet operations by SamsaraStreamline fleet operations by Samsara

Take control of how your assets are connected

Choose from an array of options that give you more versatility in how you bring your vehicle, equipment, and reefer data into the Connected Operations Cloud

Deliver a seamless experience across mixed fleets

Eliminate data silos and simplify information management with a unified experience across every vehicle and piece of equipment

Extract deeper insights from raw telematics data

Power your operations with a platform engineered to collect, aggregate, and analyze data and reveal actionable insights to improve diverse workflows across the organization

Rapid implementation through cloud-to-cloud connectivity

Hassle-free trials

Experience the ease and scalability of OEM integrations without changing your existing hardware

Deploy with speed and scale

Effortlessly bring vehicle and equipment online with easy activation over the cloud to minimize disruptions and accelerate time-to-value

Eliminate hardware constraints forever

Reduce time and overhead with an evolving solution that eliminates any future need to install or replace hardware

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Extend the value of embedded telematics technology

Samsara's Robust EcosystemSamsara's Robust Ecosystem

Rapidly growing network of OEM relationships

Leverage solutions designed, developed, and tested through close collaboration with manufacturers

Enrich third party applications

Access our leading ecosystem of partner integrations and supercharge your fleet applications with data from embedded telematics data

Equip your people with cutting edge technology

Elevate productivity at every level of your operations with robust reporting and workflow automation tools from the frontlines to the back office

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